Monday, July 24, 2006

Stupid Stuff Taught In Schools....A Rerun

I decided to rerun this commentary...mainly because I think I was right on...

Continuing on with the sex education portion. One thing I was taught in school is that homosexuality is natural and a perfectly acceptable lifestyle. In fact we were encouraged to go home and think about the possibility that we might be gay. I went home and examined and found out I was the straightest person I know.

But the thing that always got to me was the claim that homosexuality was natural. What does that mean? I mean granted I don't think it would have been right to tell kids that if they are gay that they are unnatural or weird. But to me homosexuality is very very unnatural.

Think about it. If nature is only here because of survival of the fittest than how does homosexuality fit into that equation? Not to be too graphic but, the parts don't fit. And even if they did fit it wouldn't matter because they cannot produce more life. If I understand evolutionary thinking, we evolve with purpose. The fish don't grow ears because they don't need ears. We don't grow fins because they don't have any function to us. So why would someone be born "naturally" into homosexuality? There is no functionality in a homosexual relationship. If anything, if homosexuals are truly born that way than it is a genetic flaw. A cruel joke played by nature. I'm sure this viewpoint angers homosexuals, but I don't mean for it to. I know that they choose these relationships because they want to; because it's what they desire. But I don't recall learning that things evolve because of what feels the best.

I haven't settled on whether or not I believe that people can be born gay. The evidence is all over the map. And I don't know how that coincides with my belief in the Bible. So I'm waiting to see before I take a hard stance on that subject. But I don't know if we should be teaching children that homosexuality is as natural as rain. I think that we should teach sex ed, without mention of homosexualty.
Unfortunatly I think conservatives will take a loss on this subject. The liberal agenda would never budge on this topic..never. Homosexuality is in public schools to stay. Once again I think parents should always have the right to hold kids from sex ed classes. This has to be the compromise. And sex ed should never spill out into other classes. It should be a contained subject. This way parents can be sure that kids aren't being taught unwanted subjects behind their backs.(the usual liberal method.)

One thing I know for sure. If I did allow my child(when I have one)to attend public school he/she will be well trained to listen to the teacher and report back to me on any thing that goes beyond what I want him/her to learn. I refuse to give up my right to raise my child as I see fit. More parents ought to be more involved in the education process. Thank you.....very much.

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