Monday, July 17, 2006

Global Warming Rocks!

All these doomsday scenarios have been popping up everywhere. Al Gore has been crying huge tears and trying to scare the more gullible among us. Apparently the polar ice caps are fixin to melt and a lot of us are gonna be fish food. Well I like to think of the glass as half full. I think global warming and the coming natural catastrophe is gonna be so sweet!

Think about it...

No more cars -- We will all go to work and school on wave runners and canoes. Now how can that possibly be bad?

Less clothing costs -- We will be in swimsuits all day or we might revert back to the days of the simple loin cloth. I won't have to work all day to spend my money on designer clothing. Plus it'll be hot so any clothes will most likely be polyester or cotton...think of the breathable fabrics!

Global warming will correct itself -- If we are causing it, and it will cause the death of billions, then problem solved!

Long John Silvers -- There will be an abundance of fish. Long John's will surpass Microsoft as the biggest corporation in the world. And since their fish and chicken taste exactly the same they will have both the fish and poultry markets cornered.

Winter will rock -- Supposedly we will have even colder winters with global warming. Ice skating and hockey will be the new world sport! Yay...No more stupid, boring soccer.

Ok I hope I can keep up the quality of these stupid posts...Now you know why I put so many pictures up...Nothing but the best for my readers!


Heather B said...

Haha ... that was great :)

markerfactory said...

You're gonna get it for that soccer tsunami lovin wackjob