Thursday, June 22, 2006

This May Sound Stupid III

* If I was stranded on a lost island and I only had 3 food choices to eat for the rest of my life they would be, hamburgers, tacos, and broccoli cassarole. Although I would miss bananas and and grape juice. Oh and peanut butter..I'd definetly miss that. And the point of this whole post is....I'm hungry.

* Lately I have had such disdain for hollywood. Not even really because of their political leanings. I have disdain for how the hollywood stars act in their private life. It makes me leary of going and seeing their movies in the theatre. The fact that a movie now costs 8 dollars doesn't help. I have never been a big movie guy. I just don't enjoy sitting for 2 hours looking at a big screen unless the movie is gonna be super good. Of course there are classic movies, the ones that have stood the test of time. I like those. But other than that movies don't impress me much. Also, I don't care who Tom Cruise is dating, what kind of deodarent Lindsey Lohan uses, or which man Julia Roberts happens to be married to this week.

* The George Foreman Grill is the greatest invention since the Pogo Ball.

* Tornadoes are long and they spin around and take up stuff with them. Most scholars believe that if you ever look up into the middle of a tornado you can see your future. If you ever get trapped inside a tornado just start flapping your arms like a bird....that way people think you are at least trying to get out of there and aren't just giving up and stuff.

* Nothing of importance happened on this day....yet

* Did everyone know that I can't belch? It's true, I cannot belch. I never have been able to. I can make these little tiny burps but they aren't like the big ones. I asked my doctor about it and he just laughed at me. If one of you could teach me to burp, I'd give you a dollar. I must be some sort of circus freak.

* I just want to warn everyone to never get hoodwinked, bamboozled, or run amok....what!

* If you ever go to Taco Bell and get a taco salad. DO NOT get another taco along with it. Because the taco salad will fill you up big time, and then when you go for the extra will kill you. Your stomach will explode! You have been fore-warned.

* I've been sleeping so much lately that some of my dreams are reruns.

* You see the craziest stuff while sitting at Starbucks at 1 am. You see drunk guys getting busted by the cops for drag racing on Rock Rd., just one right after the other. You see people getting too loud and thinking that they own the place. You see all nationalities coming together to drink coffee and talk about junk, mostly those of the Asian persuasion. The whole experience is an odd combination of drunken frat boys and over-caffinated geeks. And me, I just go cause Elima-date is a rerun that night.

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