Thursday, May 11, 2006

Fun Facts

* Now Iran is trying to get crazy with ese. Don't they know we're loco? Maybe we better get the jail cell next to Saddam cleaned out. It's probably storage currently, but I bet if we moved that stuff we could make room for yet another murderous dictator.

* Last night I went to sleep knowing there was a moth flying around my room. I had nightmares of falling asleep with my mouth open and the moth thinking it was a cave to go spelunking in. I would have never forgiven that moth if he flew in there.

* People yell at me because I put too much milk in the macaroni and cheese. And you know what I say? Shut up and drink your cheese milk!

* Phil Hendrie is retiring from radio on June 23rd. That makes me sad. As Phil would say, It's got me all in a heap. I think I'll get a piece of fat and slide off.

1 comment:

News from Mad Plato said...

I share your sentiments about accommodating Iran's leader in a cell next to Saddam, but I would also recommend that some cells be readied for the liars who took us into this bankrupting war. What's good for the goose...