Tuesday, May 23, 2006

4 Quick Observations

1. I'm reading the Da Vinci code right now and I just have to say, anyone who believes that lump of garbage is just not a thinking person. Everything written in history surrounding the beginnings of the church completely refute Dan Brown's claims. Saying the real truth is covered up is not proof that the conspiracy theory holds any water. 99.9% of all conspiracy theories are false, this one is no exception. That being said, Mr. Brown is a talented writer, I can't put the book down. If only he could set aside his liberal, Christian hating agenda.

2. I actually watch American Idol. I feel lame but I'm hooked. Two words... Soul Patrol!

3. I hate it when people start posts and don't finish them.


1 comment:

Pat Angello said...

Um, the book is fiction after all. And even if Jesus was married and had children, would that really have any type of affect on is teachings? The book does nothing to change my views on religion.