Sunday, April 23, 2006

TBN: The Blasphemy Network

There is a station that beats all in blasphemy and false teaching. And of course that station goes by the name of TBN or Trinity Broadcasting Network.. I call it The Blasphemy Network.

First of all any station that begs for money pretty much 24/7 is nothing more than a scam. Little old ladies send in there "seed" money because some dude with a huge pompadour says they'll get it back ten fold from God. The "seed" movement, or prosperity gospel is direct from Satan himself. There is no Biblical teaching that says God will give you riches if you invest a little in shady ministries. Christianity is not a pyramid scheme I assure you. has a great article highlighting the heresy on this channel. TBN has Benny Hinn. If that's not enough to write off the entire station as blasphemous, I don't know what is. Benny Hinn is a false prophet. I'd encourage Mr. Hinn to read in the New Testament the judgment that is reserved for people such as himself. Not a good thing. Many are being deceived by his lies.

I write off the entire station even though they often have shows on by people I semi-respect. Those people should be ashamed of themselves for even being associated with such a station.

Shut down TBN for good!

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markerfactory said...

Unbelievable blasphemy. I can't believe that people actually buy into these frauds. It's sad really.