Friday, April 07, 2006

9 Songs You Should Download...

I have the greatest taste in music of anyone I know. Therefore it would be a shame for me not to offer the free service of suggesting good songs for downloading. So you downloaders get ready to be shocked and then awed. I give you my download list...

1. He Is Legend -- I Am Hollywood: This song will put hair on your chest. If you don't get chills by the time he starts screaming "I am Hollywood" then you might be legally dead.

2. David Crowder Band -- O Praise Him: Great worship song from a band whose lead singer thankfully sounds much better than he looks. Every time you see him it looks like he stuck a fork in an electrical outlet very recently.

3. Demon Hunter -- Not I: Another screamer(sorry I'm on another metal kick the past few weeks). This song goes best when combined with the song before it called "The Flame That Guides Us Home." After you hear this song you might just quit your job and become a roadie for Petra. I have no idea what that means.

4. Selah -- Part The Waters/I Need Thee Every Hour: This song is will take the hair off of your chest that was previouly put there by I Am Hollywood.

5. James Horner -- Field Of Dreams Soundtrack/The Drive Home: This song makes me melt. It's just basically a simple one line piano tune with a soft synth background. You'd think that'd be're right...but it is also incredibly relaxing. You will melt too. James Horner is a genius...seriously.

6. David Bowie -- Space Oddity: I know, 99% of you already know this song and either hate it or love it. But I am just discovering how good David Bowie actually was at download it again for the first time.

7. Tom Chapin -- Saturday Morning: I have always been sappy for a good old fashioned acoustic guitar folk song. It's so subtle and the acoustic guitar to me is the purest instrument out there. Make sure you get the live version of this song from the Harry Chapin album called Greatest Stories.

8. The Postal Service -- The District Sleeps Alone Tonight...: It's about time that somebody did something different with this whole emo/hipster thing The Postal Service simply added a beat to it all and created a brilliant album.

9. Sleeping At Last -- Slowly, Now: These guys almost made it but they didn't rake in the tons of money that Interscope wanted and they got the boot. This album is on par with anything Radiohead and Coldplay are doing, yet they just managed to slip under the radar.

I have spoken!

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