Tuesday, March 07, 2006

The World As I See It

I admit that my posts have lacked substance for a while. I haven't really weighed in on the real issues of the day for a while. I got distracted and sort of put politics to the side for a bit. But I still have opinions on the news of the day. I still think that the democrats are literally a non-functioning party. A party based on talking points and unprecedented hatred for anyone that doesn't toe the line.

So here is my one sentence takes on the news stories of the day...

* Cheney shot a guy -- It's a minor story and another failed attempt by the left to bring down a man that did nothing wrong.

* Dubai to take over ports -- I'm not sold on the idea that we should allow any country that has harbored terrorists to take over our vulnerable ports.

* The Oscars took place this weekend -- Nothing more pathetic than a bunch of liberal whack jobs spending millions of dollars to pat themselves on the back for making movies that only they think are good.

* Bush went to Pakistan and Afghanistan -- I don't care what you say about him, Bush going to Pakistan is like throwing rocks at a beehive. I like my president with some guts.

* Barbara Streisand wrote an essay about how Bush is a stupid 'C' average student and her whole essay was filled with spelling errors -- Does this surprise anybody? Every time she opens her mouth she slides into a bigger pile of dumb.

Man, I would make a great president!!

1 comment:

Chris said...

You got my vote, dude. I don't see anyone better out there, and I like your attitude.

BTW, I have been having a similar spell, kind of forcing out STOP blogbursts, while writing some fun (ancient '70's) personal stuff over at NEXTLEAV.

I like alot of the stuff you post, besides the political stuff.

Keep on writin', I'll keep on readin'.