Thursday, March 09, 2006

Presidential Legacy

Democrats are obsessed with Bush. I am convinced that democrats like Hillary Clinton and Ted Kennedy actually have night terrors involving Bush's accomplishments.
If you look at the polls right now you'd think that Bush killed a kitten on live TV. A 34% approval rating is not exactly anything to brag about. Of course, from what I hear about that poll it is heavily skewed to the left. But my point here is the issue of presidential legacy. The 34% doesn't scare me. I am a Bush fan and I am a part of the 34%. I know that history won't be judged by poll numbers. Democrats repeat the number incessantly hoping to bring about a coup against Bush and destroy his support. They want to destroy his legacy.
Every president has a legacy. The legacy is generally a summary of what each president is best known for accomplishment wise. Lincoln for example has a legacy of freeing the slaves. Reagan ended the cold war. Clinton...well his legacy involves interns.
Clinton desperately is still searching for his legacy. I imagine him becoming frustrated that no matter what he does to steer the public away, he is now synonymous with infidelity and womanizing. Usually the libs try to toss in some reference to a budget surplus and vague economy achievements. But does anyone remember that? Or do they remember stained dresses and definitions of the word "is"?

What DID Clinton do that really changed the nation for the better? People forget that his entire administration was filled with continuous terrorist attacks on our nation and our troops from Osama Bin Laden. Each of these attacks were answered with a missile lobbed here and a missile lobbed there. Sometimes Aspirin factories in the Sudan have to pay for the sins of others...I guess that's just the way it is.

In otherwords, Clinton's legacy is that of weakness when it comes to keeping America safe and the fact that he wasn't man enough to keep it in his pants. That is, and will always be his legacy.

So what will Bush's legacy be?

It's too early to put a finger on exactly how we will remember Bush after his term is up. But Bush has had one of those presidencies like Reagan's. Reagan was hated during his terms. He was seen as a wreckless cowboy who shot at the hip and carelessly alienated other nations. Yet now he is consistently voted as one of the top 3 presidents of all time...often he is #1.
To me that is a good indication that Bush too will be seen as a hero later on in his life. He decided not to lob missiles. He decided to do some good in this world. Liberals like to believe that without Bush, the terrorists would be at home watching Desperate Housewives and not blowing stuff up. They completely neglect to remember the USS Cole, The embassy bombings, and the first attack on the WTC. Bush only did what Clinton didn't have the guts to do. I for one think it is amazing accomplishment that Afghanistan fell. And I find it quite amazing that one of the worst dictators of our time was taken alive and will now stand trial for his heinous crimes. That is no small feat. The U.S. military is the best in the world, and along with Bush they defeated tyrants.

These facts, along with the fact that no major attack has happened on the U.S. since 9-11 is huge. Add the fact that the economy is stable and even growing and you have a legacy in the making that will stick a sock in the mouth of every mindless liberal.

Bush will be remembered well. Maybe not tomorrow. But it will happen.

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I'm a Bush fan too, but you can't deny Clinton is still popular: