Friday, March 31, 2006

Kids These Days

I am proof that people get old and turn into geezers. Everyday I look at these kids in middle school and high school and I wonder what happened. This is exactly what adults were saying when I was in high school about us...and the kids that are growing up now will say the same thing about the ones that come after them.

Here's what I think is a big problem. We are such an entitlement society these days...That goes for youth and adults alike. we somehow along the way came up the idea that we were owed something. Somehow living in the greatest nation on God's green earth isn't enough...Now we want the government, or our parents, or our neighbors to fit the bill for our lifestyle. We think we are owed a free lunch.

Generations before us built this nation with sweat and blood. We didn't whine our way into existence as a nation. For the past 200 years men and women fought for this ideal of freedom. And then came a depression and wars. And the greatest generation gave their lives so that we could live and live well.

Well, I think we squandered our gift and we are not paying it forward. It's sad. Why do you think we have liberals fighting military recruitment tables off of campuses around the nation? Do you actually believe that they have some moral problem with war? Of course they don't...They never said a word when Clinton was bombing Iraq. NO, they hate the military because they are selfish and unwilling to pay the cost to live this way.

I often worry about generations to come because if they are anything like the current one, then our nation is in trouble.

Dang whipper-snappers!

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