Tuesday, March 14, 2006

I Am Becoming An Old Man...

It's true. Yes, I am only 27 years old, but my trip into older adulthood has began. Right now I am smack dab in the middle of my quarter life crisis. Everything is changing and it is kind of frightening. Did I mention that change is scary? But I'm learning and growing.

Here are the signs that I am becoming an old old man....

* Music -- Like most kids I was enamored with mainstream pop music. I had the same albums every kid had back then. I admit to owning all kinds of albums that would be embarrassing to disclose. This was true up until several years ago. Then in almost a prophetic situation I heard Sam Cooke sing "A Change Is Gonna Come." and I was never the same. So now I am hooked on good old fashioned soul music. Add to that my fascination with folk music and acoustic rock and you have the change that took me out of the mainstream and into a whole new musical realm. Sam Cooke of course was mainstream in his time...but these days most kids have no clue who he was. Otis Redding is virtually unknown as well...And don't get me started on Etta James and Percy Sledge. I catch myself saying things like 'these kids and their music these days...' Geezer-hood here I come!

* My Parents -- I think to an extent most kids eventually become like their parents no matter how hard they rebel against them. But I am moving there fast and I welcome it. My parents raised my sister and I without constant lectures and spankings (although I had my share of both). My parents raised us by doing what all parents should do. They taught us what was right...and then when necessary they used words. That's right... They loved each other and us and they showed us with action and not just words. They didn't force us to go to church...we wanted to go. They inspired us by living what they preached. There is nothing more satisfying to a kid then to go to sleep knowing that no matter how tough this world gets, there is love at home. My sister and I had about as perfect a home life as anyone could have and with all the problems and issues I have in this life I get on my knees every night and thank God that he allowed me to be raised like that. He knew what he was doing.
And I say all that to say that I want to be like my parents and I welcome any resemblance.

* My purchases -- We all know the cliche that men that are going through midlife crises' go out and buy sports cars...well...during my quarter life crisis I am doing similar things. I bought a PSP (Playstation Portable)..I mean I am 27 years of age, I should be done with the video game phase by now. And not even a month ago I went to the store and ended up in the toy section. I purchased, much to my girlfriend's shame...a slinky. A Slinky!?!? What is the deal with that? What in the world was I gonna do with a slinky? I sent it sailing down the staircase several times and now it is sitting over in the corner collecting dust. But somehow that piece of my childhood that lives inside me was afraid that it was losing to the man inside me so it forced me to buy a toy that took me back to those days....Trust me, you don't know how close I was, and still am, to buying a Slip'n'Slide with the banana sprinkler. Oh and I have dreams about my Speak'n'Spell.

This is Part 1 of my slip into becoming an old man. Stay tuned to more tales of a quarter life in crisis. Scary stuff!


Jackie said...

Wow...I wasn't aware that purchasing a PSP was indicitive of becoming an old man. Quite interesting.
Happy 27th and a half-ish.

markerfactory said...

You forgot to mention that you wear disposable undergarments.....Which reminds me, I clipped a couple coupons for you.