Wednesday, February 22, 2006

No Direction, No Problem

The democrats haven't had direction for a while. I don't think that this is a secret. They haven't even claimed to have a plan. When people ask about their plan they stutter around for awhile and then somehow they end up again on "Bush's illegal war."

So you'd think that this would be the death of a party. Political parties were built on ideals. Some were in opposition to other parties but still the foundation was a vision of how things ought to be run and accomplished. Yet the democrats seem to be running and thriving on the anti-Bush foundation. Can they keep this up?

How in the world is Hillary going to be able to save the party that is wandering like a lost donkey in the desert? After her anti-Bush-at-any-cost stance, Her only expressed vision is "taking things away from you for the common good." This is not going to be an easy ideal to sell to the American people. Maybe she should stick to the current party line of hatred.

Either way, I like the direction the democrats are headed!

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