Monday, February 06, 2006

The Death Of SNL

Saturday Night Live's obituary is written. I know, I know, critics and fans have predicted it's demise for years and it always seems to somehow make it through. But I sense that it is once again becoming cool to dis the show and that is not good. Here's why I think it's finally coming to it's end...

* Unfunny -- I don't know if they think that being weird is funny or what but SNL has been lousy at connecting with its audience for several years. We can't relate to inside jokes. Most of the skits seem like inside jokes that the writers tossed into a cheap sketch. We want to see parodies of popular culture.

* The cast is unfunny and their talent is masked behind bad writing.

* Debbie Downer? Is that supposed to be funny?

Ok that's all I can think of, But still, that show sucks now.


markerfactory said...

I think Andy Samberg might be the breath of fresh air SNL needs to be good again. Right now the skits really are mundane and not funny. There might be something that'll make you chuckle, but you soon forget what you were laughing about. There's no Turd Ferguson or GAP girls or Spartan Cheerleaders on anymore. Andy is funny though and I think he just might bring the funny. But if he doesn't, I'd definately conclude that SNL died with Chris Farley being stupid with drugs, and Will Ferrell going on to bigger and better things.

WomanHonorThyself said...

aw heck I thought SNL died eons ago..remember gilda radner an martin THAT wuz funny.heh