Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Teacher's Unions Hurt Kids

People accuse conservatives of being anti-union, and sometimes that label is accurate. Unions can be a force for good but so often lately they have been the anchor that is dragging America down. This happens for numerous reasons the main reason being that they reward mediocrity.
This is no different for the numerous teacher's unions across this great country. Most public teacher's I know are great people. They care about children and they are in that profession for the right reasons. But like most things they're are many bad apples spoiling the bunch. Sadly American kids are paying for it.

My friend Derek wrote about this subject on his blog and posted the links to the 20/20 episode entitled Stupid In America. The show was a great look into the failure of the public school system. Here are the links to the show (Windows Media Player required):

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4

The last part which is critical of the teacher's unions cements in my mind the power these groups hold. Like the man said, there is no reason to be any better than the teacher in the next classroom because the pay is the same whether you are superior or mediocre. That's what unions have provided for our students. That's why we have 18 year olds who can barely read. That's why we are paying so much in taxes for failing schools. It's wrong.

More to come...

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