Saturday, January 28, 2006

My Favorite Phil Hendrie Show Guests

If you read my blog regularly you will read frequent mentions of my all-time favorite radio show, The Phil Hendrie Show. It's so unique that it is difficult to describe how it even works. So here is how Wikipedia describes it:
The Phil Hendrie Show is a comedy talk radio program syndicated throughout North America on Premiere Radio Networks and on XM Satellite Radio. It is known for featuring a variety of highly outrageous and controversial guests, all whom are fictional and voiced live by the host, Phil Hendrie.

Though Hendrie often alludes to the fact that he is doing the voices, listeners are invited to call and many are duped into believing that the guests on the show are real. He rapidly switches back and forth between a studio microphone and a conventional telephone, creating the illusion that his "guest" has called into the show. Adding to the illusion, the telephone line often features prerecorded background noises from various locations.
The "guests" that Phil has on are all regular guests. So now here are my all time favorite "guests"...

descriptions from Wikipedia

* Steve Bosell -- Emotionally fragile owner of B&B Construction of Corona, California and frequent litigant, originally from Murfreesboro, Tennessee. The "B&B" in his business name stands for "Bosell & Bosell." Steve is not in business with his father, son, brother, uncle, or anyone else. The "B&B" is supposed to represent the intensity he brings to his business: "Bosell and Bosell yet again, just non-stop Bosell comin' at ya." One of the show's most popular guests, Steve admits "weeping" at the slightest humiliation and frequently threatens to sue his wife for emotional trauma. Another common target for Steve's lawsuits is his neighbor, Roy Hutchins. In all his litigation, Steve is assisted by longtime attorney Dolores Blasingame of Riverside, California.

* Bobbie Dooley -- Officious president of the gated community "Western Estates Homeowners' Association" of Westlake Village, California, president of her PTA, and arguably the show's most popular character. Husband "Steve Dooley" is the vice-president of Western Estates who frequently cuts in on conversations but says very little, mostly supporting his wife's statements. "Bobbie" makes a trademark, repeated "mmmmmmmm hmmmmmmm" noise when listening to the callers, which almost always annoys them. Her father was a circus clown and her mother a prostitute. Hendrie often does "Best of Bobbie Dooley" shows during holiday periods.

* Hal and Viola Levolier -- This semi-wealthy retired couple are always in their private plane—listening to Phil whom they absolutely adore—while darting to such places as Laughlin, Nevada. Continually fighting each other for control of the plane's telephone, the couple invariably stalls the aircraft and they "die" in a crash after each appearance.

* Jay Santos -- "Brigadier Admiral" in the Citizens' Auxiliary Police (motto: "We Take a Peek Over the Shoulder of the Police") of Hawthorne, California (originally from Philadelphia). His uniform consists of a blue arm band, a pith helmet, Bermuda shorts, and Doc Marten wingtips. An overbearing, officious "rent-a-cop," Santos' motto and excuse for his behavior is "It's About Saving Lives." Jay gets his marching orders from Major Elvis Newton, commanding officer of the Citizens' Auxiliary Police. According to Santos, the garage sale, yard sale, all that nonsense, is the pit of evil in America.

* Jeff Dowder -- A stoner, a drummer in the band "Darkhorse" (aka Darque Hoarse) and Professor of Mechanical Physics at Caltech. Jeff is based on real-life pal "Sundown" from Hendrie's days in Miami and Minneapolis. Jeff is advocate of the medical use of marijauna. He often demonstrates his drumming live on the air, usually incorporating various "jazz modalities"; he frequently pauses for bong hits. Jeff has a friend named Toby Beau.

Great stuff!

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