Sunday, January 22, 2006

Liberals Heart Criminals

One of the sickest things of our time is the recent wrist slaps that liberal judges have handed out to child rapists and other criminals. For instance, if you are a child molester looking for a safe place to practice your sick hobby, try Judge Edward Cashman's district in Vermont as your haven.
Some are trying to point to Cashman's past to indicate that he isn't a liberal. That all doesn't matter now. I'm sorry but anytime you give a child rapist 60 days as a punishment, you lose your conservative merit badge.
Liberals should be ashamed of themselves. FDR would abandon the democrats today if he were alive. The "party of the people" have forgotten the most important people among us, the children.
Vermont is a state filled with liberals just this side of terrorists. Nearly the entire state is separated from real America. Real America is the America that doesn't want to be West Europe. Thankfully Gov. James Douglas of Vermont who happens to be a Republican(How did that happen?) said what we were all thinking,
"When a grown man rapes a small child, justice is only served when the criminal is behind bars — for a long time — paying for his inexcusable crime,"
So why is this state so sympathetic to criminals? I can't answer fully the question of why libs have gone soft on crime. I think it's just another game of appeasement from the left. Appease your fears. Back down from every fight. It's the one constant that can be traced through every liberal argument. Stand for nothing even if it means falling for everything.
The only other, more cynical, explanation is that liberals fear that they too may someday commit these crimes so they had better go soft. Nah, I think they are just scared little liberal girly men.

How can the liberals defend this?

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WomanHonorThyself said...

The level of culture and decency in a nation can be measured by the way it treats its children. Judging from the way liberal judges allow predators to destroy the bodies and souls of our little makes you wonder...are we civilized at all?