Monday, January 30, 2006

The Continuing Tales Of Liberal Hypocrisy

Here is today's lesson in liberal hypocrisy. I want to mention a few observations of mine that really just seem too obvious for words. It seems that the libs have sold their souls for comfort.
Liberals are supposedly the champions of women's rights. If that were really true then we should see stories every day about how liberals are heading to Afghanistan and Iraq heading up support for women and children in these countries. Instead liberals are apathetic to the whole plight of the Arab woman. Are they scared because of all the violence? No, they don't care. It doesn't affect them in the slightest so they don't write about it or even talk about it.
Another reason they don't try to care about the Arab woman is because anything positive that happens in the Arab world can be linked directly back to the courageous actions of George W. Bush. This is like kryptonite to the liberal. If George W. Bush gets the credit, then forget it. That's their motto. He is the devil to them and they will not associate with him no matter how positive the action might be?
I think that liberals think of people as usable trash. You take what you can get from them, use drama and cliche to garner a positive response from the American people, and then you discard that piece of trash in a proper receptacle once you have squeezed the last piece of usefulness from them.
The party of the people no more.

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