Tuesday, January 17, 2006

5th Annual Things I Hate Awards

I've only been here a year and yet somehow I have done this 5 times...oh well. Here is a list of things I hate for this year. Keep in mind that I don't hate people. I try not to at least. I simply hate the things they do sometimes. Let's get started...

* Reality TV -- Once again I hate reality TV. I don't think people are grasping how far from reality these shows are. Luckily this year there were much less of them. The sitcom is back! Shows like Beauty and The Geek are so unrealistic and scripted that even Stevie Wonder could see that it isn't real. I'll stick with The History Channel or King Of Queens.

* The liberals -- Liberalism is a thorn in everyone's side because it spills over into all of our lives. They want to socialize everything. They want to tax anything that achieves. Of course they want to be exempt from all of their own ideas. Not all liberalism is bad, but when the government is involved it is. The government is notorious for less then mediocre planning and execution of programs...So why then would we liberally use them to do what they do worst? Modern day liberalism is bankrupt of morality and common sense. Without those two things a movement is dangerous. Liberalism is dangerous and I hate it.

* Hollywood Celebrities -- I just can't stand the nonsense that Hollywood somehow has some important, culturally relevent message that they need to portray through their "art". These are pretentious snobs that don't have real jobs. This elitist mindset is a crock. This is why anti-war movies and movies about gay cowboys always get nominated for Oscars even though the majority of Americans disagree with those ideas. They live in a sheltered world and yet somehow they think they know it all. I think every actor and actress should be subject to random intelligence and political knowledge testing before they are allowed to orate on cultural or political matters. I'm kidding of course but at least we would then be able to truly consider the source before we will listen to elitist hype. Actually I think they should say whatever they want; I just wish more Americans would stop rewarding them by seeing their movies after they open their pie holes. Let's see how fast they'd shut up when the cash stopped rolling in.

* People Who Own Their Own Cue Sticks -- Ok, Of course I don't hate cue stick owners. Lots of people have pool tables at home and have to own cues. I would if I could. But for some reason I just don't trust people who come to the pool hall with their own pool cue in a hard case. I especially don't trust them if it's a guy and he has a pony tail. If you see a man with a pony tail and he has a cue stick in a hard case, walk away and don't make eye contact. If you see a man with a pony tail and a cue stick and he has on a trench coat...RUN, and contact the department of homeland security. I say this all with tongue in cheek of course...Or do I???

* Environmentalists/vegetarians/Vegans/Animal Activists -- I don't think anyone should throw trash outside, purposefully deplete the o-zone, or club baby seals while eating a California Condor sandwich....But I don't think we need to save animals at the expense of humans. If you need to eat leaves for your own sanity, that's fine, but please don't get all up in my grill if I have myself a steak every once in awhile. I don't have a problem with fur coats either. We are not going to have a shortage of animals. We ought to save endangered species but we shouldn't deny someone from making a coat out of an animal that is abundant. Think of the Indians when they killed a buffalo, they used every part of that animal down to the teeth. Why can't we keep up that tradition? Especially if you believe in survival of the fittest.
Fanatic activists often prefer to sacrifice human life in order to save parts of the earth that hold little value to that of human life. There are too many of us now. We have to use this earth for our benefit. Let me repeat, I have no problem with people eating veggies for personal preference or benefit but I do have a problem with people who spray paint other people's fur coats or pour pigs blood on themselves in order to protest my love for BLT's. I have a plan though if a crazy PETA member comes after me...I'm gonna hold a gun to a baby duck's head until they back down..Problem solved!

Ahhhh I feel so much better. Each year it feels good to vent..Now time to get back to more positive stuff. Thanks for letting me get that out of my system.

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WomanHonorThyself said...

Good Lord..thats it?..what about the minorities who get to say blatantly racist things and no one bats an eye...or um...the new gender-neutral world being created around us...as if anything about gender could possibly be neutral...lol..ok ok it was YOUR rant..dont get me started!...lol