Monday, December 12, 2005

Tookie Out Of Options

Here is a brief reason why Gov. Schwarzenegger's decision to deny clemency was a good one: Because Tookie Williams deserves to die because he was guilty of 4 counts of murder. The fact that Tookie deserves to die should bring no one joy. It's sad. But Tookie took 4 lives away from people that did not deserve to die. The murders occurred as Tookie was robbing them. He showed no remorse. Tookie deserves to die.
Tookie supporters are saying he deserves clemency because he saved so many lives because he reformed himself in prison and then wrote children's books encouraging them to stay out of gangs. The problem is that if Tookie is saved because he was reformed then suddenly every death row inmate is going to become Mother Teresa.
I actually believe that Tookie will save even more lives by being executed because potential gang members can follow Tookie's life to it's tragic conclusion and decide that this isn't the life that they want. If kids think that all they have to do is "reform" in prison, then that drive by might not seem so bad.
It's sad and unfortunate but Tookie deserves to die. I wish Gov. Schwarzenegger hadn't taken so long to make his decision.


Anonymous said...

tookie williams i thought was a redeemed man but the more i read about him the more i see he was a monster i am not one for the death penalty but he was not an innocent man by any means

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure I agree he should have died, because I think only God should make that choice. I do, however, think writing a couple of measly childrens books does not add up to being "reformed." He also showed zero remorse.

I also think Crip members should come up with more tough-boy names than "Snoop" and "Tookie," for crying out loud.

Anonymous said...

Fuck All Of You!If He Was White He Would Still Be Alive.Let God Judge The Faith Of All Human Being.And To The Ones Who Put Him To Death They Are Murders.And They Will Be Judged. Thou Should Not Kill.

Aaroncoal said...

That's patently absurd. The U.S. government is so rare to use the death penalty. And yet so many who are put to death are white males. Tookie was a savage who brutally murdered innocent people and then bragged about it. He has paid his price here on earth. Do you have any evidence that says that the death penalty system in America is racist? I didn't think so.