Monday, December 05, 2005

God and Truth

How can anyone not believe in God? This is one question that baffles my mind. I understand doubt, and I understand unbelief. In my weak moments I struggle with doubt and unbelief yet I feel God so clearly in my presence at times. So many people who are brilliant intellectuals claim they have searched for God and he is just not there, yet they are clueless to the fact that they are standing in the palm of his hand.
How can anyone look at a star and think that it got there by accident? The fact that you exist in the first place is direct proof that he exists. Ex nihilo nihil fit -- Out of nothing, comes nothing. If something exists, then someone must hold the power of existence within their being. This is a universal truth that is simply set aside in order to make room for a naturalistic view of our beginnings. Setting aside a truth is never a good idea.

Those truths are not new revelations. Thomas Aquinas wrote five proofs for the existence of God. He wrote these in the 1200's. The truth from his work Summa Theologia is extremely relevant, even today. I just wish that more of us as Christians would put down trendy, but grossly unbiblical books. And pick up a book from someone that was born before the last century. You'd be surprised what truths you can learn from those who have gone before us. That of course isn't to say that every author in modern days isn't truthful and compelling. I'm just worried that often the modern Christian can spout off cliches about how to be have a happy comfortable life yet has no answer to questions of how or why God exists or even why one should believe in him.

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