Thursday, December 01, 2005

Do You Hate Starbucks As Much As I Do?

Before I start my rant let me say this. I occasionally give money to Starbucks. Maybe 20 bucks a year. So that being said let me tell you the reasons I hate Starbucks...

My hatred for Starbucks has nothing to do with being a corporation. I love corporations. They have worked hard before they were corporations to get where they were. Some hippies will get all up in your face and say that Starbucks is bad for the "mom and pop" coffee shops. That's a silly socialist argument because Starbucks at one point was one of those coffee shops that just happen to find success. Quit trying to punish success.

Ok, but here's why I do hate Starbucks...

Starbucks employees have the nerve to stick a tip jar on the counter, and even at the drive thru. Your one job is to mix stuff in coffee and give it to me, and then of course maintain a store. Millions of people work in mundane jobs like this everyday and Starbucks' employees for some reason complain about it more than I've ever seen. I'm convinced that Wendy's employees work harder. I read a blog from a Starbucks employee who says that we should tip him because, check this out...
we also do customers favors quite often (not charging for refills, not kicking you out when we are supposed to, letting people bring their pets in, etc).

Tipping makes us love you, and when we love you we make better drinks for you, give them to you faster, etc.
Can you believe that? We tip you so that you'll make better drinks for us? No, I don't think so. Starbucks charges us 4 bucks for a cup of coffee, and then they take their revenues and use that to pay employees who then get the product in my hands. As long as employees are making at least minimum wage then I feel no obligation to give you a penny. If it's too hard making coffee then maybe you should find new employment. You aren't exactly performing brain surgery.

I am a church janitor. It's a pretty thankless job. I perform a service for a church that not a lot of people would find very pleasant. I am under no dillusions about what I do, it's mundane work that pretty much anyone can perform with very little skill, but someone has to do it. Can you imagine if I mopped a bathroom and then walked around with a jar asking for tips? What if I carried some boxes out to an elderly lady's car for her...Would I then stick my hand out for an tip because "I did her a favor"? No I get paid to do a job. If I go above the call of duty, I do it because it's a nice thing to do. My reward is seeing people happy, and maybe even showing my employer that I can go further than what he asks.

That's the main reason I can't stand the place. I'd have to say I don't absolutely hate Starbucks. I know that maybe not all the employees are keen on the tip jar, so It'd be wrong for me to hate the employees..So instead I'll just dis the whole company for allowing the tip jars in the first place.

There are two other reasons I can't stand Starbucks...

* Their cup size system is obnoxious and annoying. I refuse to call a large a "venti" just because Starbucks puts that on their menu..It's silly and it adds to the elitist attitude that is floating around every Starbucks I've ever been in.

* The place is filled with hippies, metrosexuals, and, twixters. It's an environment that I neither understand or feel comfortable in.

But those two reasons are another post for another day.

And that's my anti-Starbucks post. Pick it apart


Tybalt said...

I can't stand Starbucks either however for very different reasons which undoubtedly you will take issue with.

I don't disagree with a business making a success thats all well and good but they do insist on having as many franchises as possible in every square mile they can cram. They charge for what I consider pretty crappy service and coffee ((I have been in once with colleagues and they paid and I only had my thoughts on it confirmed never wanted to go back)

Now I can tell you exactly how much I have given Starbucks in 10 years. 0.00 of any countries money!

You see I don't go to places I hate as I have courage of my convictions. I frequent those smaller coffee shops that call a large a large and not a venti. They include service charge with their drinks so a tip is not necessary! They make coffee because they want to so as a result it is often better and more polite than someone who is unhappy over his minimum wage so doesn't feel appreciated and if you aren't nice to him will most likely spit in your coffee. The clientele aren't all wanting to be in the trendy places so are often more down to earth and friendlier! The atmosphere more reflective and as I have found home baking delicious!

If you get upset over tip jars then don't tip there is no need to rant. Check your Starbucks receipt it should tell you whether service is included if it is you should feel no guilt for not tipping as it is covered. If you choose not to tip and it is not then be confident in yourself that it is your decision not to.

As for your own work if you are unhappy with it change it. If you chose to do that then carry on. However maybe you should job swap with a Starbucks wageslave and see how they feel.

Walk a mile in another mans shoes before deriding his right to feel appreciated. Making coffee is easy, dealing with rude, and often obnoxious and stressed customers who look down on you on a minute by minute basis is not. Particularly if they have little already to believe in! Not something you have to worry about wiping a broom around religious grounds!

Also if you do not like the company in Starbucks and it makes you feel uncomfortable then why do you go there?

The tip jars are irrelevant and nothing is gained by hating them they are but glass!
The clientele you can avoid as you can Starbucks.

Vote with your dollar!

Dreamspinner said...

If they brought your drink to you, I could see leaving a tip but then you'd leave it on the table as normal.
This reminds me of my own personal peeve and that is delivery people who decide their tip and give you change accordingly.
I've had taxi drivers do this too.
For example if the fee is $16 and you give them $20, they return $2, deciding that they are entitled to that tip.
I usually call the manager at the home office and let them know that employees aren't giving correct change.
A tip is an encouragement and reward for good service not an entitlement.
As for Starbucks, I go there once a year or thereabouts. Too expensive and too high calorie for me.

Tybalt said...

The Starbucks I was in did bring it to you! Obviously unusual then. Most of the Coffe shops I go to deliver to your table and clean up inbetween customers.

You are quite right Dreamspinner about delivery drivers and Taxi Drivers. Over here in UK it's illegal and they lose their license so Taxi drivers don't do it. I tip a Taxi if and when I think they deserve it! With Delivery Drivers I always confirm the delivery price first.

I am fairly easy going but I have done 15 years in the Customer Service Industry and hate shoddy or sloppy service so I never fail to ensure it is rewarded or punished for bad accordingly. In restaurants this has often meant lower bills. However I am always polite and discreet unless the management or member of staff kick it up in which case I make it a point of dragging them through the mud in public!

mimi said...

yes I hate Starbucks but for one reason only : their coffee sucks and it's overpaid. Starbucks is the epitome of "faux chic" and mediocre product....Period.

Anonymous said...

No one is making you tip them dude! Some people choose to tip because it's nice and tips usually help with gas and groceries when at starbucks income starts at some $8/hour. So, tips are nice to have. And stop complaining! No one is making you tip them so when you come through, DON'T. Complaining isn't going to make you feel any better or change anything.

Anonymous said...

You don't need a single skill besides the basic skill required to clean toilets and mop bathrooms to be a janitor.

To be a Starbucks barista, 2 weeks of training, 4 hours a day are required.

We deserve tips because of our skill and our commitment to top quality drinks.

Trust you me, it's super easy to make a drink. It takes SKILL to make it well.

And that's why we get and deserve tips from grateful customers.

We get paid extra for the quality. You get paid to clean toilets. Maybe if you put body mist in the bathroom you can get tips. They do that in clubs these days, and hell yeah I TIP there. You should work a club as a janitor!