Thursday, December 22, 2005

ACLU Freedom of Information Request Would Gut NSA Program

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Apparantly it isn't enough for the ACLU that the NY Times leaked classified information that we are spying on international phone calls of suspected terrorist. They now want all details released! Whether they are just plain stupid, or actually want the enemy to defeat us, the document fails to say.


The requests submitted today seek all records about "the policies, procedures and/or practices of the National Security Agency for gathering information through warrantless electronic surveillance and/or warrantless physical searches in the United States …".... Information received by the organization will be made public on its Web site.

Rightwing Nuthouse says:

Words fail me at this point. The generosity of the ACLU to the deadly enemies of the United States is beyond belief. The only possible explanation for wanting to expose "all records about the policies, procedures and/or practices of the National Security Agency" with regards to the NSA intercept program is that the ACLU wishes to make it harder for the government to thwart a terrorist attack.

The reason I say this is because this FOIA request is not necessary if one wishes to take an absolutist position in defense of our Fourth Amendment rights. It's only purpose would be to sabotage the program. For once al Qaeda knows the details of how we keep track of them, it becomes much easier to develop communications strategies to thwart our attempts to monitor their activities.

If the ACLU is against warrantless searches, it is their duty to protest it in a responsible manner, one that would not harm national security so grievously. And please note there is nothing in the FOIA request that would seek to uncover who the government listened in on with the program. Doesn't that strike you as a bit odd? Rather than ask for the names of specific Americans who have been targeted, they instead seek to shut the program down by revealing its operational secrets.

I couldn't say it any better myself. There is no reason to release the details of the NSA program. Doing so would benefit no one but our enemies, and only endanger America further. This irresponsible position of the ACLU is reckless and crazy. But we have come to expect such traitorous behavior from the so called civil rights group. They oppose almost every effort our government has to fight terrorism with one hand, and defend our enemies with the other. I still can not understand why our government has not investigated the ACLU itself, they most definitely have probably cause to do so.

Isn't it ironic that the ACLU wants our government's secrets released so the enemy can see, yet they tell our enemies they have the right to keep their secrets from our interrigations?

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