Saturday, November 12, 2005

Stupidest Fashion Idea Ever...

I've talked about my hatred for pre-ripped up clothes before, but this takes the cake...
Abercrombie, which is a lame company anyway, has decided to try and sell you these jeans for...get this...$79.50! The ad says this:
100% cotton, sits low below your waist, inconsistently scarred with handcrafted abrasions, over worn fading, blown out holes, random paint splatters, dirt and grass stains, button fly, Destroyed Wash, Low Rise Boot Fit, Imported
Who in their right mind would buy these? You can make a pair of $19.95 jeans look just like this in 5 minutes.
I must be turning into my parents because I can't understand the fads or the mindset of kids these days. And you know what, the thought of turning into my parents used to make me cringe, but I am really starting to embrace it. Makes me miss my Transformers lunch pail for some reason.

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Tybalt said...

I disagree with so much of your site its not true. However where these trousers are concerned I am forced to agree. Anyone who is stupid enough to buy these jeans in future should be made to buy a cheap pair and then get dragged over varying road surfaces behind a Hummer until those jeans look identical to the 80 dollar pair. Fashion has a lot to answer for and the outright criminality of these shows it. Would you buy pre-stressed underpants?