Monday, November 07, 2005

Run Hillary Run!

Why are conservatives suggesting that Hillary Clinton shouldn't run for President in 2008? Here are a couple of reasons why I think she should...

* She will break her promise to the state of New York to stay full term in the senate, that is if she is reelected in 2006. If she is defeated in 2006 then her chances of winning in 2008 will be that much worse. Politicians who break promises to run for higher offices generally don't care about people, they care about power. And that fits since we know that Hillary is one of the more power hungry women to ever step foot in Washington.

* Hillary has had to answer literally NO hard questions from the press about her husband, her past dealings with unethical law practices, or her push for power while she was still on the First Lady. That will all change if she becomes a candidate for the Presidency. No candidate has ever been afforded a pass by the media. I can think of nothing better than to watch Hillary tumble over her words after someone asks her about Watergate or Bill's affairs.

Let me be understood, a Hillary presidency would be an utter disaster. She is a unabashed socialist and a angry femi-nazi. But I think that getting some answers from her about her life will be a learning experience for us all. So I say let Hillary run, and let her be defeated. Can you imagine the blow to liberalism that would be!? I can't wait!

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