Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Liberal Hypocrisy and Outright Lies

As I mentioned a couple of weeks ago, I started reading an outstanding book by Peter Schweizer called Do As I Say (Not As I Do) : Profiles in Liberal Hypocrisy. It's a fantastic read so far. I recommend it to everyone. I knew Michael Moore was a liar, I didn't realize how big of a liar he was or how much his pants are definitely on fire...

*Mr Schweizer's research revealed that Michael Moore, even after he said that he was going to "hire ONLY black" to further the cause, went on to hire only white people. In fact in all of Michael's years of film and TV he has hired 3 black people out of a total of 134 producers, editors, and cameramen. Moore has shaken his finger in the face of America for not taking a "very strong affirmative action policy". Yet he publicly shows no desire to implement that himself. I guess morals and ethics are for other people.

* Check this one out.. Here is a direct quote from Michael Moore.. "I don't own a single share of stock."
"How then did author Peter Schweizer uncover IRS documents showing that Moore's very own foundation has bought stocks in some of America's largest corporations – including Halliburton, other defense contractors and some of the same companies he has attacked?"

* Noam Chomsky, a self described communist and America hater has railed against capitalism since the 70's. He has gone around the world declaring that America is single-handedly responsible for all the evils in this world. He is beloved by the left for his outspokenness against the Pentagon and the military, calling it "the most hideous institution on this earth", and he has much hatred for any and all corporations. He has brought many a hate speech against the top money earners in America...
Well shock and awe, guess what. Mr. Chomsky, as revealed in this book, has a net worth of $2 million. How did he get that money? Why you guessed it, through "pentagon contracts, lucrative real estate holdings, stock market wealth, and even a tax-sheltered trust for his children", which is a tactic that only the wealthiest among us can get away with. His first book was funded by grants from the military, and his position at MIT is mainly funded by the pentagon. As evil as he thinks those organizations are, he certainly doesn't seem to mind taking money from them.

This is a drop in the bucket. It makes me sick. Of course we are all prone to hypocrisy now and then, none of us get a pass on that, but to watch these guys wag their finger and spew hatered at everyday Americans makes me want say a thing or two, so get ready for more fun facts about liberal hypocrisy.

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