Tuesday, November 29, 2005

A Couple Of Observations...

* The recent onslaught of liberals making accusations against anything that doesn't have a big D in front of his/her name, combined with the recent push to get WMD's and the reasons for Iraq war back in the news, smells of an organized anti-Bush blitz. They waited until Bush got a few months into his second term and then tried to open a battlefront at Bush's front door. So far they've shot all duds. They aimed at Cheney and got one of his aides on a totally unrelated charge. They cried that we needed to bring the troops home now and when the Republicans called their bluff and made them vote on it, they shriveled up. Is that all you libbies got??

* I believe it was Immanuel Kant (It was one of the skeptics) that once said "If a statement cannot be tested by science then it should be tossed to the fire." I am convinced that an extremely high percentage of naturalists and believers in evolution agree with that statement whole heartedly. The problem of course is that the statement is not testable by science, therefore it is a self-defeating statement and should be tossed to the fire. So often, statements like this that are made by scientists or philosophers are just given a pass. Does the law of non-contradiction only apply to theists and creationists?


Dreamspinner said...

Apparently, theists and creationists are the only ones that anything negative applies to.
It's open season on them critters.

Anonymous said...

That's the price you pay when you subscribe to demonstrably false garbage.