Saturday, November 05, 2005

A Couple Of Observations

* I have a friend who recently became a vegan. That means absolutely no food or products that come from any animal or animal by-product whatsoever, even if it doesn't kill the animal. They can't even use real soap because it comes from animal fat. For protein they eat various nuts. Ok, I have several questions for vegans... Do you realize that, given the chance, a bear or a tiger would eat you without batting an eye? Nearly every animal in nature hunts and unmercifully slaughters other animals for nourishment to stay alive.. Do you realize that if this didn't happen then the planet would cease to exist as we know it? Every living thing would die if animals didn't eat one another because of over population and scarcity of natural resources. That means humans too. So I say eat your meat with pride knowing that you are helping save the planet!

* Along the lines of the above observation... Most P.E.T.A (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) members are probably believers in evolution. I have no data to back that claim up, so take this next observation with a grain of salt. If you believe in evolution, and survival of the fittest, how can you possibly be against eating other animals? Other animals would eat you limb for limb if given a chance. Dogs have even been known to eat people in certain circumstances. PETA is a radical liberal group that cares more for animals than they do the human race. Which again makes no sense, if evolution is true then we are just animals as well, highly evolved, but animals none the less. Why care for one animal over another? We are the fitter of the animal kingdom. We won! We evolved enough to have reign over every other animal...That's a huge feat, so if you don't mind I'm gonna celebrate by having myself a nice steak while wearing my fur coat...Thank you, so very much.


Mdx said...

Seems people are motivated by what they believe in regardless of whether or not is makes sense...
“If you believe in evolution, and survival of the fittest, how can you possibly be against eating other animals?” Well, I can’t answer that question since I do eat other animals (except pets, of course). But to throw a question back, if you believe in the garden of evil and the fall of man, how can you be for eating other animals? I mean did animals really eat each other before sin came into the world? If not, wouldn’t it be a sin to eat flesh? Without the shedding of blood there is no forgiveness for sin. So the fact that animals eat each other is a consequence of sin. Does that make much more sense?

Just to clarify my position, I am neither a democrat nor a republican. I think there are good and bad elements in both parties. When it comes to religion I don’t claim to have the answers, and I’m very skeptical that the Bible is the authoritative Word of God. I have trouble taking it at face value. So, I’m not sure what that makes me – possibly an agnostic.

You right on the ball about how we reign over every other animal. I question whether that makes us more evolved or just parasitical. We’re so damn intelligent but don’t have much regard for the planet, whether you believe God has entrusted it to us or not. So no I’m not into the whole hippies-hugging-trees or the vegan thing either. I just consider myself lucky that humans aren’t at the bottom of the food chain!

cf said...

Who eats tigers or bears (or dogs unless you are in an asian country) -- and most of us -- including you-- cant afford tigers or bears skins. Cows, pigs, chickens, fish (i know you will argue sharks & whales and who knows what else here but who eats those?) - all those animals wont eat you - they are mainly grain and veg fed animals.

I dont agree with PETA at all ... they are so celebrity oriented and they promote a lot of radical things. Also they give out a lot of misguided information.

Wasn't Adam and Eve veggies before the fall of sin? If you are veggie doesnt make you an automatic evolutionist.

This is a choice I made... and I wish I would have chosen it sooner. I don't judge you in your eating habits. If you were actually "my friend" you wouldn't judge my choices and try to make me out to be something Im not (I know you are directing this to all v*gans but since Im one of them then I guess you are speaking to me as well). I know you love getting a reaction out of me... so there you go.

David said...


Aaron is pretty intent on being a hate-mongering, Christian asshole. As such, he is the most perplexing of all hypocrites. Nonetheless, I would advise that no one get upset by his increasingly narrow mind, it just feeds him further. Instead, I would suggest only being amused by his self-righteous rants into the polar extremes. We shouldn’t laugh at idiots, but deep down inside, it’s funny to see how he has no grasp on reality.

cf said...

that was the gayest piece of crap I have read on this particular site so far. Congrats!


Aaroncoal said...

I wasn't trying to judge you or make fun of you. You know I would never try to humiliate you. No one would know it was you. It was a tongue in cheek thing, meant to be humorous, kind of like a lot of posts on this blog.

But I do feel very strongly that without the food chain, which involves the consumption of animals, this world would cease to exist.

Before the fall of man, we ate only plants...after the fall that changed. I mean look at all the sacrifices that went on during the time before Christ.