Sunday, November 13, 2005

Christian Persecution In America?
Not Yet But Our Time Is Coming

This is a rerun of an earlier post of mine but I thought it would be appropriate today...
I've talked about this before but it bears repeating. I believe that persecution of Christians is spreading throughout the world. We Christians here in America do not know how good we have it. In China they are attending church underground. In other parts of Asia and Africa they have to jump major hurdles just to have a church. So are we free and clear here in America?

This is where we are. In America protestant Christianity remains the only religion that is fair and open game to be dragged through the mud on television and in movies. It's usually subtle but recently especially on TV there seems to be a jab at Christians in almost every new show. Ususally they portray Christians as being fanatics and hatemongers. Hollywood will mock the religious majority like they were some sort of societal freaks.
Being a Simpsons fan I have watched pretty much every episode ever made. Slowly throughout that show's run I have watched Christianity increasingly become a mockery more and more times. It eventually went beyond Ned Flanders the flawed but lovable religious neighbor. In a recent episode the show took a shot at the crucifixion ("The salad of the Christ") that was so offensive that I became angry and simply shut off the TV for the rest of the night.

No other religion is attacked like this. But we should absolutely not be surprised by it. It will continue to happen and it will happen with more gusto. Jesus told us not to be shocked by what will be done in the future to believers.
This is where my prediction comes in:

I believe that Christianity, mainly protestant evangelical, will continue to be subtly mocked by the elitist media for the next 65 years. I think it will remain subtle yet slightly increase up until then. Somewhere around 65 years from now the persecution of Christians in North America will begin slowly. At first it will be some kind of registration program with churches, and public churches will begin to be regulated by the government. Possibly some sort of religion tax will begin. Probably at first this will include most religions. For the next 50 years the persecution of "Born-again" Christians will be brought into more prominence. After this all hell will break loose as it already has at this point in most of the world, Christians will be registered and monitored heavily. Soon full blown religious persecution will be throughout the entire world. Christians will probably either be put into camps or killed not unlike the Jews during WWII. Eventually it will not be safe for Christians to live publicly anywhere in the world.

Actually this really isn't my prediction, It comes straight out of the Bible. I'm simply putting my timeframe on it. And to be honest a lot of Christians believe that it will happen way before I stated above. But there is no denying that it will happen if you are a believer in God's Word. Ignore books like "Left Behind" and concentrate on the source.

And guess what...The ACLU will be the ones that head the whole thing up from the beginning. Gee, they seem to be practicing now. That's right, the very ACLU that supposedly supports and fights for the constitution (yeah right) will be at the forefront of making sure that Christians, who founded this country and based it's governing document upon the foundations of Christianity, have no rights as afforded in the constitution.

As for right now we ought to get on our knees as believers and thank God daily for where we live and the freedom we have because it isn't going to be like this forever. And unfortunately I think our days of ease in this country are shorter than we realize.

I don't mean to get all Jack Van Impe on everyone, I just feel like we had better bring this up every once in awhile so we can be thankful for what we have now


Derek said...


Your view of the future of Christianity is not the only view out there. You encourage others to ditch Left Behind and go to the source. However, the view of the future of Christianity in the world that you are espousing has was completely foreign in church history until the early 1800s.

I would agree with the future of Christianity in America is up for discussion. However, as for the future of Christianity in the world, I would have to disagree on biblical grounds.

For a different view, go here:

Aaroncoal said...


I'm not sure I exactly know what you mean. The Bible states that if you believe in Christ and have faith in his name you WILL be persecuted. That is happening in America today, but our fingernails aren't exactly being ripped out of our fingers yet...and that is happening in the world. Please explain your position further

Aaroncoal said...

Another point... I am NOT prophecying here. I do not have any gift whatsoever of prophecy. I am merely taking what I know the Bible teaches about persecution and trying to make sense out of it for my surroundings. I can't fathom what Paul went through in prison. I can't understand being murdered for the faith, not first hand. So I am trying to put a timeline as to when that will happen in my homeland. I doubt very highly that God is going to spare America from widespread and severe persecution. I am simply thinking outloud as to when something like that will occur. I think it'll be soon. I want to be ready spirtually, mentally, and physically for it. I'm not sure I am. We've had it too good for too long.

Derek said...


My point was very simple: the future of Christinaity in America is probably a mixed bag.

That said...we need to look beyond that to ask ourselves what is the future of Christianity worldwide? Evangelicalism has taught for well over a century that the world will get worse and worse, belivers will be raptured out at some point, a seven year tribulation will ensue, Jesus will return and set up his millennial get the idea.

I don't believe this is what the Bible teaches. Plain and simple.

You overstated your case when you said:

"Soon full blown religious persecution will be throughout the entire world. Christians will probably either be put into camps or killed not unlike the Jews during WWII. Eventually it will not be safe for Christians to live publicly anywhere in the world."

The future of the gospel may be rocky in America. However, the future of the gospel worldwide will be glorious.

Tybalt said...


Worldwide Christians are not the only religion that is persecuted. Many problems around the world are caused by differences in religious background.

During the Crusades Christianity spreading the word of god killed and tortured many for not following or converting to the word of God. In England during the reigns of many of our kings the Catholics persecuted the Protestants and both of them persecuted those of the Jewish faith. In Eastern Europe (Yugoslavia circa 1990's) and entire country was split by religious culling and executions. Pagan faiths have been persecuted since time immemorial! In Iraq many Kurds were executed by Chemical Ali for cultural and religious beliefs. Persecution is not exclusively a Christian deal!

Faith is about one thing! Belief!

That counts whether Muslim, Christian, Pagan, Jew, Hindu, Taoist or Pagan.

The simple belief that whatever god you believe in will be there for you through the dark days or the light.

If religious persecution is on the cards then it will be Gods will and you will have to test that faith.

Surely if you are stressing about the possiblity then you are questioning the motives of God as to why he would let this happen!

If it comes it is because God wills. It will obviously be a test!

Just a thought.