Sunday, October 23, 2005

Why I Changed My Mind About The
Way We Fight Against Abortion

I have heard it said that someday there may be a civil war fought in this country over the issue of abortion. I don't doubt that. It's an issue that brings out the passion from both sides. It's the issue that is avoided to this day in debate classes on high school and college campuses all across the nation because it often comes to near blows. It's scary.

I have avoided even posting about it on this blog because I know that it really doesn't get anyone anywhere. But recently I have changed my mind on a few things when it comes to the abortion issue.

In the past few weeks in Wichita, Kansas, where I reside, a local church has taken upon itself to hit high school campuses around the area with protests against abortion. They claim they are doing this because more and more high school girls are having abortions. They weren't just there with signs that expressed their views. They were there with billboards that contained extremely graphic pictures of mutilated babies. These babies were victims of abortion. The uproar from these protests still have not died down.

My mind about such protests has changed. When I was a young Christian-conservative-republican I would have been out there with them. And in all reality I was. I took part in several big protests in town. I held signs. I marched down streets in a show of unity against the abomination that is abortion.

But as of the past couple of years, my mind is changed on the tactics that protestors and opponents of abortion should take.

Those signs with the mutilated babies, those should be taken down, at least from any campus that has minors attending. That is not so much a statement on abortion but an assault. These are pictures that would not make it past the sensors for even cable TV. It's not appropriate. And I've heard the argument that says "but these kids see inappropriate violence all the time in movies and that's the only language they understand." Bad argument. They only understand that language because that's all they are fed. So why are we dishing out some more for them? Do we sin in one area to stop a sin in another? I say it's wrong. It's doing nothing more than adding to the noise. I even have doubts in my mind as to how many abortions these signs have prevented. No doubt they have prevented a few. But I think they have probably pushed the issue farther away from our grasp then we know. They don't exactly scream love. They just have this feeling of 'whatever it takes, we don't care', and I'm not sure if in the long run if that's very effective at preventing actual abortions.

I don't go to abortion protests anymore. It's not that I think the protests themselves are wrong. It's that I choose to protest abortion with my power to vote. I attend a church that supports abortion alternative centers. In fact I have volunteered at those facilities and hope to do more in the future.

I'm going to say something even more shocking now. I'm not sure if too many of my friends would stand with me on this...
I believe that Christians and conservatives should quit trying to outlaw abortion and take that energy and put it in to preventing them from happening in the first place. Abortion alternative services like the Pregnancy Crisis Centers are great ways to fight against abortion. We are dying on the wrong hill. We have Christians giving endless money and time trying to get justices in courts that will overturn Roe v. Wade. We are wasting that time and money. That time and that money could have prevented thousands of abortions already by supporting abortion alternatives and programs that will give financial assistance to women who are considering aborting the unborn. Just think if we had enough time and money to put one of these abortion alternative centers next to every abortion clinic in America and then some. Lives would be saved. Countless lives. Abortions would still take place. They always have and they always will. So is our fight against such a terrible thing being waged effectivly?

Why, I ask you, are we holding out hope that they will cease to exist after we make it illegal? I think too many Christians will feel like they've fulfilled some kind of moral obligation by simply tossing some legislation at the problem. But the problem will still exist. It always will. We have to come up with better solutions. Sometimes I feel like Christians are spending too much of their time trying to make America into Eden. I've always felt that we need to abandon ship basically and bring as many people along with us as possible. Throw out the lifelines, ready the lifeboats, she's going down. America is never going back to the religious utopia it once was. Sure, we may have waves of revival like we did in the 1980's, but it'll never be like it was at our founding. So why are we trying to legislate it back into just that?

Now, that doesn't mean we don't fight for morality. That doesn't mean we lay down and let America rot. We fight against bad politics and injustice because if we didn't then evil would just take over. But we have to fight wisely. We have to pick our battles. Unfortunately we are losing the battle against abortion. We are throwing rocks at the wrong beehive. It's time that we change the battle plan, put the fight on a new front, and save lives.

I'd love to read some opinions on this. It's a hot button issue that can really get out of hand but input on this would help. How would you change the abortion fight?


Anonymous said...

I don't see Roe v. Wade overturned anytime soon, even with a conservative Supreme Court. The problem with that is that a case has to actually get there. Given that Roe is an existing precedent, appellate courts aren't going to be much help.

I agree with you on the issue of where to wage the battle. There is a lot of time and money wasted in legal procedings that could be put to better use.

Unfortunately, the pro-abortion crowd is armed for bear.

There were legal issues with abortion alternative groups using the word clinic in their names if they didn't have doctors.

People are trying to pass laws making it illegal to perform an ultrasound without a doctor's consent. This was aimed squarely at CPCs.

Pro-abortion groups are going to be opposed to anything that would decrease or change sexual activity between people who are not ready for parenthood. This includes abstinence education and parents instilling Christian values in thier children.

You have legislators who are in the pockets of "Big Abortion" who treat abortion as a "right" above all others. I have no doubt they would use whatever power they wield to try and stop abortion alternative groups if they are successful. They'll come up with a whole host of reasons of why abortion is the right choice. People have even gone so far as to argue that it's safer than pregnancy.

Something I've been saying about abortion for a while now is that it's not about rights. It's not even about right and wrong. It's about money. And as we know, the love of money is the root of all evil.

Derek said...


I agree with some of what you are saying here. I love the consistent, biblical approach to the problem offered by the following two articles:

However, here is where I am confused. In your article you say, “Why, I ask you, are we holding out hope that they [abortions] will cease to exist after we make it illegal? I think too many Christians will feel like they've fulfilled some kind of moral obligation by simply tossing some legislation at the problem.” You also speak of the folly of trying to “legislate America” back to the way she was in a more innocent time. Then, in another place, you say, “I choose to protest abortion with my power to vote.”

I am trying to understand how the two positions interconnect. How does one protest abortion by “voting” if “tossing some legislation” at the problem and “legislating America” back to innocence are bad ideas?

Aaroncoal said...

To me voting for candidates that can direct money away from abortion clinics, make it harder to get abortions, and keep the consent laws, is a better idea than "tossing legislation at the problem." What I mean by that is that instead of using the courts in the way the left has chosen to do we use the people to elect senators and congressman who are serious about preventing abortions.

I don't know maybe they are both going through legislation. But my point is simple. Instead of trying to make it illegal, let's try and prevent them in the first place.

TheDevilIsInTheDetails said...

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