Saturday, October 01, 2005

Top Ten Worst Songs

Ok, we've done the "best of" thing long enough. It's time to find out what people hate. Sometimes there are those songs that just annoy you so bad that you just want to scream. So please be sure and post your selection in the comments. Here goes..

*Me And Bobby McGee -- Janis Joplin Probably one of the worst songs of all time. You want to take the record, bust it over a table, and jab the pointed shards into your eye by the time you hear this song more than once, ever.

* You've Never Been This Far Before -- Conway Twitty Words cannot describe how disgusting it is to hear a redneck with a huge belt buckle, tons of chest hair, and a gold chain around his neck, sing about deflowering a woman.

* Anything by the Grateful Dead The Grateful Dead may well be the worst band ever. Some of the most generic music of all time.

* Word Up -- Korn This Cameo cover is a terrible song by a band that is drifting fast.

* Walk Like An Egyptian -- The Bangles A terrible song from a band that should have known better.

* Pride(In The Name Of Love) -- U2 I realize that half the globe disagrees with me on this one, but I have never seen a band churn out more overhyped recycled music than U2, and with Bono's annoying high pitched whine to top it off. I just can't get on board.

* Anything by Bruce Springsteen How this man ever got to where he is is a mystery that science and wisdom can never answer.

* Boot Scootin Boogie -- Brooks & Dunn Although at one time I would have actually tolerated this kind of music, I feel this song represents why modern day commercial country music is laughable at best.

* Desperado -- Eagles I liked this song the first time I heard it I'm sure. But the second time you hear it you start working on the noose and hanging it from the rafters. It's just boring. People often site this song as their favorite song...stay away from those people. And generally as a rule, if Linda Rondstat covers your song...write better songs. Fortunately the Eagles did.

* Sunglasses At Night -- Corey Hart CG might not agree with me on this one since he has had the distinct pleasure of meeting the man (although he didn't know it at the time). But this song is uber-bad. It's like he tossed the words together in a hat. It's a karoke favorite I understand. If you are in a bar and someone starts off with this song, unplug the machine. It's not good!

Ok your turn everyone...


Derek said...


I have to agree with some of your takes here. Grateful Dead--overwhelmingly bad. "Desperado" is perhaps my least favorite Eagles song. Couldn't agree with you more on Springsteen. I would also add anything by Bob Dylan. Anything on American Idol. Anything by Garth Brooks.

However, I HAVE to disagree with you vehemently on U2. "Overhyped recycled music?" Are you kidding me? U2 is one of the most original sounding bands of the past 20 years. In the history of pop music, name one other hit that sounds like "With or Without You." That sounds like "Where the Streets Have No Name." That sounds like "Pride (In the Name of Love)" for that matter.

Methinks that perhaps you don't like Bono's politics (which I can understand) and that affects your view of the band's music. Perhaps a public debate on the merits (or lack thereof) of U2's music is in order. You name the place and time. :)

Jackie said...

I cannot even THINK about posting my least favorite songs b/c my heart is too broken over your stance on "Bobby McGee" and "Sunglasses at Night". Why don't you just post disdain towards "Dancing With Myself", "Pianoman", and "Living on a Prayer" and finish me off completely?

cg said...

Only 10? I could go on for hours with this topic, right Derek? Here are 11 that I quickly came up with.

Gimme Dat Ding-The Pipkins. 1971 song that's sort of like pop music meets Benny Hill.

Achy Breaky Heart-Billy Ray Cyrus. No need to comment.

Barby Girl-Aqua. Some of the worst Euro-pop ever.

Only Thing That Looks Good On You Is Me-Bryan Adams. Bad humor meets bad rock & roll.

Two Out Of Three Ain't Bad-Meat Loaf. I think it was supposed to be funny. The whole album is pure camp, but a lot of people took it as a serious ballad.

Everybody Have Fun Tonight-Wang Chung. If for nothing else, the line "Everybody Wang Chung tonight." What?

Air Supply. All of it. I would choose ebola over having to listen to even 30 seconds of any song by Air Supply.

Billy Don't Be A Hero-Bo Donaldson & the Heywoods. There was a really bad period of time in the 70's where awful storytelling and insipid pop music combined. This was one of the results. It spent several weeks at the top of the charts.

Seasons in the Sun-Terry Jack. There was a really bad period of time in the 70's where...

Run Joey Run-David Geddes. I don't even know where to begin.

One Tin Soldier-Coven. When I hear this song all I can envision are Dr. Suess characters. Read the lyrics and tell me I'm not right.

I could go on. These aren't necessarily my top 10. Just 10 off the top of my head. I know it's 11, not 10. You get one for free.

Anonymous said...

anybody who thinks that the Grateful Dead is a bad band is a complete douschebag and should go somewhere

DEADHEAD said...

in fact, if you don't like the dead, you shouldn't be allowed to listen to music.


LONG LIVE THE DEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!