Monday, October 17, 2005

Real Fun Facts

So real it's impossible to make this stuff up

* I hate wasps so much. I think they are out to kill us all. They are waiting for the right moment and then they strike. That's why I spend my days finding wasps and punching them in the face...You like that Mr. wasp? Cause I'm gonna bring the hurt every time! How you like me now? (And yes I just copied that from my about lazy.)

* For my money, the greatest website of all time is I hear that the webmaster of that site is 100% man. A real stud.

* Wisconsin is known for their cheese. California is known for their sun and surfing. Oklahoma is known as the place Conway Twitty once trimmed his chest hair at a highway rest stop bathroom.

* History's Napoleon Bonapart had very few smiliarites to today's Napoleon Dynamite, except according to historical records for a short time several gangs were considering letting Bonapart join because of his skills with a bow staff. It's right there in the annals of can look it up on the microfiche at the library.

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