Friday, October 07, 2005

More Of The Worst Songs Of All Time

I was thinking of more bad music and I realized that I need to write another post to cover it.

* Anything by Mannheim Steamroller There is nothing worse than bad synthesizers mixed with good Christmas music. I lose the spirit of Christmas fast. So many stores play this junk over their speakers that this year I may stay home and buy everything on QVC.

* Brand New Key -- Melanie I downloaded this song recently, having remembered hearing it in my youth. What a waste.

* Horse With No Name -- America Pure 70's crap. I like America. I hate this song.

* Anything by Macy Gray -- She has one of the most annoying voices of all time. On top of that she has a huge afro. On top of that...well no more needs to be said.

* Don't Worry, Be Happy -- Bobby McFerrin I heard him say recently on tv that he refuses to sing this song in concert ever again because he hates it. If only he'd thought of that before he released it.

* I'll Be Missing You -- Puff Daddy featuring Faith Evans Sting must have wished he'd never have allowed this song to be covered by Poofy Mcdiddle(or whatever his names happens to be this week). Oh wait, the royalties...I forgot.

* She Bangs -- Ricky Martin This song set U.S./Latin America relations back 100 years.

* Lady in Red -- Chris DeBurgh Cheek to cheek? Which pair of cheeks is he speaking of?

* The Sign -- Ace of Base Yeah I loved Ace Of Base....when the were called ABBA.

* Harper Valley P.T.A. -- Jeannie C Riley Stupidest....Song....Ever!

* Yummy, Yummy, Yummy - The Ohio Express -- This song reminds me of something from Willy Wonka. I think maybe they were trying to be serious.

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cg said...

Here's another that I forgot to add to my list of 11.

I've Never Been to Me-Charlene. Google "never been to me" and read the lyrics. Hilarious.