Monday, October 31, 2005

Hey Americans, Look Over Here...Pay No Mind To The Man Behind The Curtain

It looks like the dems are pulling out all the stops. This is the big push to get at Bush. They are praying to the God of their choice that this whole fake CIA-gate thing leads them to the man himself. The problem is of course that absolutely no crime was committed by Bush or Cheney and so far there isn't much evidence to prove that anyone did anything wrong.
The media coverage of this is maddening. The leftist press is joining together to put out stories on Valarie Plame making it sound like she was just about to take out Castro until her cover was blown by the evil republicans. All of this was done in "retaliation" for Joe Wilson's botched fishing expedition to Africa.
Yeah right! Is this it? Is this all they have? We had Clinton's DNA on a dress, they have a CIA secretary's cover being blown. There was nothing covert about Valarie Plame. The whole situation is just pathetic. All the dems are trying to do is get a perp walk out of Rove or Cheney so they will have something to put on their campaign ads. It isn't going to happen. They're just scared that the closer they get to 2008 the bigger the chance is that they may have to come up with some sort of platform or plan for America. This is just one more smoke screen to blind the American people to the fact that the democrats have no platform, plan, or direction, and can no longer win elections legitimately at the ballot box. Sad indeed.
Let's wait and see how this turns out before we decide when, where, and for how long we should laugh at them.

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