Monday, October 03, 2005

Cry Us A River

Should we pretend to care this time, or just point and laugh like we've been doing. Yet another crybaby from the left has gone loony in public. This time our crybaby literally cried. I'm wondering if maybe he even became incontinent during his rant. As Matt Drudge put it, he "choked back tears" as he said, "Bush will destroy our lives."
This is another notch on our belt of course. Especially since this time it's Donald Sutherland from the ABC show 'The West Wing', you know, the show where the left play pretend. Kind of like a 'What-if-we-could-actually-win-an-election-with-our-warped-ideas' kind of a thing. They can't make it in the real world, where actual adults get to lead the actual country. So they play dress up with their dollies and their legos and expect us all to bow at their uneducated feet when they say a bunch of talking points that they heard on NPR. I'm not sure if they realize that smoking weed for four years in the thespian club at some state college doesn't exactly qualify them to run the dog pound, much less the most powerful country in the world.
I love this stuff! I think our goal should be to have Barbara Streisand eventually soil herself on national TV while screaming about Bush killing babies to sell the parts for oil. It's unintentional comedy from the left. Thanks for keeping us laughing...oh, and thanks for helping us stay in power!

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Queen of Ass said...

Bleh. What an asshat. I get so sick of hearing those guys!