Monday, October 31, 2005

Hey Americans, Look Over Here...Pay No Mind To The Man Behind The Curtain

It looks like the dems are pulling out all the stops. This is the big push to get at Bush. They are praying to the God of their choice that this whole fake CIA-gate thing leads them to the man himself. The problem is of course that absolutely no crime was committed by Bush or Cheney and so far there isn't much evidence to prove that anyone did anything wrong.
The media coverage of this is maddening. The leftist press is joining together to put out stories on Valarie Plame making it sound like she was just about to take out Castro until her cover was blown by the evil republicans. All of this was done in "retaliation" for Joe Wilson's botched fishing expedition to Africa.
Yeah right! Is this it? Is this all they have? We had Clinton's DNA on a dress, they have a CIA secretary's cover being blown. There was nothing covert about Valarie Plame. The whole situation is just pathetic. All the dems are trying to do is get a perp walk out of Rove or Cheney so they will have something to put on their campaign ads. It isn't going to happen. They're just scared that the closer they get to 2008 the bigger the chance is that they may have to come up with some sort of platform or plan for America. This is just one more smoke screen to blind the American people to the fact that the democrats have no platform, plan, or direction, and can no longer win elections legitimately at the ballot box. Sad indeed.
Let's wait and see how this turns out before we decide when, where, and for how long we should laugh at them.

Sunday, October 30, 2005

Giants Exist!


Or are the other girls tiny people? These are questions I think we are all asking right now.

Friday, October 28, 2005

My Conversation With Cindy Sheehan

It didn't surprise me much when Cindy Sheehan agreed to meet with me for an interview. I had two things going for me.. One, Mrs. Sheehan hasn't exactly been turning down any kind of interview, publicity, or chance to get on the TV even if it was for being arrested. Two, I had already met with Michael Moore who seems to be a fan of Mrs. Sheehan, and visa versa.
What did surprise me is that Cindy Sheehan wanted to meet at the same Arby's where I had met Michael Moore just weeks earlier. I wasn't sure if it just went along with her Moore obsession or if she just liked Beef N'Cheddars.
Mrs. Sheehan walked in wearing a red pant suit. As she came closer to the table where I had been sitting she removed the jacket to reveal a t-shirt that said simply, "Bush murdered my son." And so the interview began...

The Life And Times: Thank you so much for joining me today Mrs. Sheehan.

Cindy Sheehan: Oh Thank you. My pleasure.

TLAT: Could I offer you anything from the menu? I have an entertainment book that I bought from a student. I'd be happy to share the coupon with you. You can have anything equal or lesser than what I had, value wise.

CS: But you just had a small seasoned curlies, I'm not sure if I could even find anything of equal or lesser value than that.

TLAT: Hey, I don't write the coupons. But, I will be happy to buy you a coke.

CS: That's ok, I'll get my own. Michael Moore and George Soros give me an allowance each week.

TLAT: Wow.

CS: Want to know a secret?

TLAT: Sure.

CS: Sometimes I can convince George that Michael has not given me the allowance yet even though he has...on those weeks I'm looking at double allowance.

TLAT: Pretty sneaky.

CS: You know it!

TLAT: Ok, are you ready for the first question?

CS: Born ready.

TLAT: Do you actually believe that George W. Bush murdered your son?

CS: Does the Pope wear a funny hat? George Bush not only murdered my son, he murdered at least 2000 other people's sons also. I'm not sure how he did it, but I'm guessing he stabbed most of them, probably drowned the others..and we have at least one report of him running over a Marine with his car.

TLAT: Whoa! Let me get this straight. You believe that George Bush personally stabbed 2000 American troops?

CS: No! What did I just say? He stabbed most of them and drowned the others and ran over at least one with his Ford Focus.. Did I just start speaking Portuguese and not know it or something? Did I stutter?

TLAT: George Bush sent willing participants into a just war. None of these men and woman were forced, including your son. You say that Bush then went to Iraq and personally killed 2000 of them. You do realize how absurd that is don't you?

CS: Well maybe to a close-minded conservative like yourself. Our enemy has yet to fire their weapons, so clearly the U.S. is doing this. Probably for tax purposes.

TLAT: But wouldn't that give the Government less tax revenue?

CS: Look.. I don't have the details. I read that all from a 3 by 5 note card that George and Michael made for me. I even went down to Kinko's and had it laminated so that the edges wouldn't tear.

TLAT: I noticed. Very classy. Gives new meaning to the phrase "talking points."

CS: Hey. Michael told me that if you get too hostile with me that I should walk away form the table..Oh yeah and he said get him a number 4 large sized first.

TLAT: Michael Moore is in town?

CS: Yeah, he's actually out in the parking lot waiting in the car. See, there he is right there waving at you.

TLAT: huh, yep..there he is. (I give him the courtesy head nod.) He really does follow you around doesn't he?

CS: We've been dating for 3 months now actually. I brushed off his passes at me for a while but then he threatened to take away my allowance. When I even said no after that he sat on me for 23 hours straight until I cried uncle, and we've been dating ever since. It's how he gets dates with most women.

TLAT: Very cosmopolitan... Ok, I read on the Drudge Report that you have plans to chain your self to the White House. Is it true? And if so, what do you plan to accomplish by doing it?

CS: Of course it's true. We are gonna make a major statement with this one. Geroge s told me if I got arrested again that he may give me a bigger allowance. I didn't even know about the White House thing until the schedule came out.

TLAT: The schedule?

CS: Yeah George Soros has the schedule on the fridge at his house, it contains everything I have to do for that week. I woke up went downstairs to get some juice and saw that I was scheduled to chain myself to the White House. I asked George about it and he said that originally they had planned to have me chain myself to the Washington Monument but they couldn't get enough chain to go around the base.

TLAT: Makes sense. So again, what do you plan to accomplish by doing this?

CS: I plan to raise awareness for breast cancer

TLAT: Huh?

CS: Just kidding, I'm gonna chain myself to the fence and yell about Bush for killing people all over the world and stuff. If he doesn't hear me then I plan to go into the White House and sit in Bush's breakfast nook and force him to talk to me.

TLAT: haha... Do you really believe that you will make it past security to get in there.

CS: The fact that they have to have security is another testament to the fact that Bush is a homicidal maniac. He's victimized so many people that they have to have security guards.

TLAT: Maam, the Secret Service has existed since the beginning of the last century. They protect the President 24 hours a day.

CS: I think the fact that the service has to remain secret is suspect.

TLAT: ugh.

CS: Well, you'll see. When I chain myself to the White House my story will finally be known. My tale of murder and espionage by President Bush will finally be told. The American people will hear the story from the beginning to the end. And if they don't hear it, then they can read it. My new book coming out from Simon & Schuster publishing will be available for $29.95. Get your copy soon!

TLAT: You really are a media whore. Your son was a hero and doesn't deserve this.

CS: Well, that's it, I'm out of here!

TLAT: Thanks for the interview Mrs. Sheehan.

CS: Whatever..I'm getting Michael his #4 and then I'm gone. So talk to the hand.

TLAT: Does anyone say that anymore?

CS: Bush killed my son.

TLAT: Bye.

CS: Speaking of buy...don't forget $29.95, Simon & Schus....


And so another interview has ended. I only hope that Cindy Sheehan is able to come down from her media high..It may not end well.

Who knows who I'll be interviewing next.


* Celebrity voices and dialog were imitated.

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Stop The ACLU Interviews Alan Sears, President of the Alliance Defense Fund

Crossposted from Stop The ACLU

First of all, I want to thank you on behalf of Stop The ACLU, all of our contributors, and supporters. It is an honor to have this interview with you. We appreciate the Alliance Defense Fund does for America by fighting the ACLU, and protecting life, and liberty.

1 Could you tell us a brief summary of how ADF came about?

Enough was enough. Dismayed by years of the erosion of liberty through activist courts in1993, thirty-five leaders of various Christian ministries came together to discuss the growing legal threats to religious freedom, the sanctity of life, marriage, and the family and the Alliance Defense Fund (ADF) was born. ADF's purpose was to develop sufficient means to win - through training, strategy, coordination, and funding to support litigation. In just eleven short years, ADF has trained over 850 allied attorneys, 405 law students, and provided funding for over 1,500 cases, including twenty-six victories at the Unites States Supreme Court.

2. What inspired you to write your new book, The ACLU vs. America?

In December 2003, I appeared on the O'Reilly Factor to discuss the ACLU's legal attacks on the public celebration of Christmas. During that interview, Bill O'Reilly asked, tongue in cheek: "Isn't the ACLU an organization that started out with good beginnings, but has just gotten off track over the past decade?" There was no way to answer it in a 25-30 second sound bite. Craig Osten (my-co-author) and I pondered O'Reilly's question and realized that most Americans believe this myth that the ACLU had good roots. We knew that the truth had to be told: that the ACLU had a completely different agenda for America right from the start, an agenda that sought to legally undermine every American institution in order to reshape our nation as the ACLU and its founders saw fit.

3. What would you say to those people who say that just because the ACLU was founded on Communism does not mean that they still have communist goals?

Baldwin fastidiously claimed he was not a communist, and in fact, purged the ACLU board members who actually belonged to the party when Stalin and Hitler linked arms in 1939. Despite this, Baldwin had repeatedly expressed admiration for the Soviets and had many communist and socialist allies. In an interview a few years before his death, ACLU Founder Roger Baldwin said to Peggy Lamson (a former ACLU board member): "The Communists say, we don't care what the majority says, this minority is right, and if we can impose our will on the majority, we will do so." This type of self-image sums up the modern-day ACLU, which has demonstrated, time and time again, blatant disregard for the will of the people and the democratic process. For example, the ACLU has filed or supported lawsuit after lawsuit to either block public votes on constitutional amendments affirming traditional marriage, or to overturn the results (which have yet to be in the ACLU's favor). When Alaskan voters passed a constitutional amendment in 1998 affirming marriage as between one man and one woman, the ACLU's former executive director said: "Today's results prove that certain fundamental issues should not be left up to a majority vote."

4. I have read in your book that the ACLU filed a brief in favor of legalizing child pornography. When I wrote about this, many people wanted solid proof. Where can one see in the record how the ACLU defended this?

There are several examples. The files at the U.S. Supreme Court are a good starting point. In 1983, the ACLU submitted a friend of the court brief in the case of New York v. Ferber, arguing that the distribution of child pornography is protected by the First Amendment. The ACLU Policy Guide states: "The ACLU believes that the First Amendment protects the dissemination of all forms of communication. The ACLU opposes on First Amendment grounds, laws that restrict the production and distribution of any printed and visual materials even when some of the producers of those materials are punishable under criminal law." ( i.e. child pornography).

In the mid-1980s, when I serving as the Director of the Attorney General's Commission on Pornography, the then-legislative counsel of the ACLU testified that it was the ACLU's position that once child pornography was produced, there should be no government restriction on its sale and distribution.

5. Recently a judge in California ruled that the Mt. Soledad cross was unconstitutional despite the majority of San Diego voters supported keeping the cross. What are your thoughts on judicial activism in America today? Should judges be using international law in interpreting the Constitution?

In his biography by Peggy Lamson, Roger Baldwin said: "I placed my faith in the courts…" What he meant by that was that he knew the ACLU could not achieve its aims through state and federal legislatures or by taking their case to the people. He knew that the courts would be the most useful method of imposing the ACLU's agenda on the people. The outgrowth of that strategy is the judicial activism we see today, where the ACLU and its allies are using the courts to deny the expressed will of the people and to impose new laws via judicial fiat. In the Mt. Soledad case, the ACLU attorney James McElroy expressed his disdain for the majority when he said after the vote: "It still doesn't mean a damn thing. Voters should have never voted on it."

ADF believes that judges should interpret the Constitution as written and consistent with its original meaning. It is not an "evolving document" with emanations from penumbras as judicial activists' state.

As far as international law, this is just another example of how the ACLU has tried to change the rules to get their way. They came to the realization that the Constitution can only be stretched in so many ways, that they are eventually going to reach a limit with how far they can advance their agenda with domestic laws and courts alone!

I think Chief Justice John Roberts said it quite eloquently during his confirmation hearing when asked about international law. He said: "Looking at foreign law for support is like looking out over a crowd and picking out your friends. Foreign law, you can find anything you want. If you don't find it in the decisions of France or Italy, it's in the decisions of Somalia or Japan or Indonesia or wherever." He went on to state that international law was a misuse of legal precedent and we would wholeheartedly agree.

Nevertheless, the ACLU, along with its former counsel Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, have been the biggest proponents of using international law as precedent to undermine our national sovereignty, which millions have sacrificed and died to defend and preserve.

6. What do you find is the biggest threat to liberty in our society today? How can we counter this?

The biggest threat to liberty today is the agenda of advocates of homosexual behavior, which Craig Osten and I detail in our previous book, The Homosexual Agenda: The Principal Threat to Religious Freedom Today. The ACLU has helped develop much of this agenda and has worked very closely with these advocates. The ultimate goal of many homosexual activists is to progressively silence and punish any dissenting viewpoints when it comes to homosexual behavior. In places such as Sweden and Canada, people with sincere religious objections to homosexual behavior are facing fines, loss of employment, and even imprisonment for expressing their views.

How can we counter this? First of all, we can show up. When ADF and its allies have shown up against legal advocates of homosexual behavior in the courtroom, with the training, strategy, and coordination to win, we've been successful in defeating the agenda of homosexual advocates, including same-sex "marriage."

Secondly, it will take resources. The ACLU and its allies, including radical advocates of homosexual behavior, have tremendous financial resources at their disposal. The ACLU Foundation has $175 million in assets. The Gill Foundation, whose mission is to push the homosexual agenda, has spent millions of dollars to achieve its aims. The Human Rights Campaign, Lambda Legal and Defense and Education Fund, and Planned Parenthood, all have massive amounts of funds, including millions from corporate America, to spend.

Thirdly, Americans need to become educated on the threats to liberty, and that is why we wrote the ACLU book, as well as our previous book on the homosexual agenda, to awaken the majority of Americans who still respect the values of life, liberty, and family that made our nation great.

7. Is it possible to reform the ACLU? Can they be changed, or is countering them the only option?

It's not a public company and is controlled by a private board. It's tough to "reform" an organization that had a very different agenda for America right from the beginning. In addition, they have had eighty years to build the legal precedents that they have used to advance their agenda, and even if the ACLU went out of existence today, those precedents would still be in place. Therefore, it is going to take a long-term, strategic effort to reverse those legal precedents, and put new ones in place that affirm religious freedom, the sanctity of life, marriage and the family.

8. What is your strategy in fighting the ACLU? Are there other ways people can get involved?

ADF has a four-fold plan to fight and eventually defeat the ACLU. That plan is training, coordination, funding, and direct litigation. Our goals include training at least 5,000 allied attorneys over the next ten years to take on the ACLU and its allies and building an in-house attorney mentoring program - to train and equip the next generation of attorneys. But you train all the attorneys you want, and if they do not have a coordinated plan of action, it is not going to make much of a difference. That is why ADF focuses on strategic coordination to make sure that we are working in unity towards a common goal of reversing the legal damage inflicted by the ACLU and its allies on our nation, rather than working against each other. Thirdly, we make sure that when our allied attorneys show up in court to take on the ACLU, that they have the necessary financial resources to win. ADF has funded over 1,500 grants for legal cases and projects in just eleven years. Finally, ADF wants to grow litigators, lawyers on our staff who are actively involved in defending religious freedom, the sanctity of life, marriage, and the family.

9. Currently there is legislation in the House by Congressman Hostetler that is asking to reform the attorney's fees act in the Civil Rights Act to not apply in Establishment Clause cases. Does ADF support this?

We talk about the need to reform this in our book, as it has become a financial cash cow for the ACLU and one of their weapons in their campaign of fear, intimidation, and disinformation to force public officials to bow to their agenda. While ADF does not delve into legislative issues, we hope this effort by the congressman passes to fix this loophole which the ACLU has exploited for years to bully towns and municipalities into compliance.

10. Do you support grassroots efforts like Stop The ACLU.Com and Stop The ACLU.Org in informing the people of the ACLU's actions and other civil liberties groups? How can we motivate others to get involved? What would your advice be in helping our organization's success?

ADF is thankful for any efforts that raise awareness of the ACLU's dangerous agenda for America and encourages citizens to get involved in combating it. I believe that the American people are increasingly rejecting the ACLU's agenda as more and more of it is brought into the light. Keep on doing what you are doing, highlighting the ACLU's most recent outrageous statements and positions, and I am sure your efforts will be successful.

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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

I Miss The Far Side

I picked this one because I wish it really existed. We need to know who isn't washing their hands so that we can publicly ridicule them. Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

More Thoughts On Abortion

I knew that I'd get some feedback from my earlier post on abortion. I did, and I want to use this post just to clarify a few things that I might not have been clear on.

My goal is the same as every anti-abortion/pro-lifer. I am not advocating less legislation because I am weak in my stance against saving babies. On the contrary, I am simply wondering if the current approach is actually saving enough babies from being aborted. According to the most recent annual abortion figure for the U.S. is about 1.3 million. Just think about it, 1.3 million babies are ushered out of this world before they are allowed their first breath. That's unbelievable. My question than is this: Is our current main tactic in fighting against abortion working?
Well it certainly hasn't hurt. According to we have leveled off a bit from a peak in the 80's and even dropped slightly since then. Obviously the public outcry has done some good.
(On a side note you will notice that the abortion trend grew sharply during the feminist movement of the late 60's and early 70's.)
BUT, how effective have we been? Could we have done more?
This is my point...
I am suggesting that too many conservatives and Christians are not allocating their time and money properly in the fight against abortion. I think it's a good thing that we have judges who are conservatives who will stand up against liberal nonsense, at the same time I think we need to be focusing more on prevention. If you convince a woman that the life inside of her is precious, then you eliminate the need to fight and die on Capitol Hill. And I am convinced that we are doing nothing more than dying on that hill. We win a battle here and there..But we seem to be losing the war in trying to overturn Roe V. Wade.
I'm not saying we give up that fight. I think I may have suggested we give up all legislation in my previous post..well I take that back. We MUST continue to fight in that way but I think our main front needs to be shifted off of Washington D.C. and onto the individuals who are opting for abortion.
Also, I cannot bring myself to go out to protests where you have people there that, for a lack of a better phrase, seem to be off their rockers. The last protest I went to you had people with megaphones pointed into the abortion clinic screaming "Babies can you hear me? We are coming to save you." The answer is NO, they can't hear you.
And then of course you have those that lay in front of cars like we did at the original "summer of mercy" here in Kansas.
This is why I can't bring myself to go to these protests anymore. This is why I choose to "protest with my vote", write my congressmen, write my senators, or help out with baby needs for the Pregnancy Crisis Center.
Talk is cheap, action is better. Support your local abortion alternative center, vote, volunteer, pass out flyers, do anything to help out...And yes support judges and politicians that stand up against the atrocity of abortion.

Thanks. This is my last post on abortion for awhile..Thank goodness!

Monday, October 24, 2005

Sunday, October 23, 2005

Why I Changed My Mind About The
Way We Fight Against Abortion

I have heard it said that someday there may be a civil war fought in this country over the issue of abortion. I don't doubt that. It's an issue that brings out the passion from both sides. It's the issue that is avoided to this day in debate classes on high school and college campuses all across the nation because it often comes to near blows. It's scary.

I have avoided even posting about it on this blog because I know that it really doesn't get anyone anywhere. But recently I have changed my mind on a few things when it comes to the abortion issue.

In the past few weeks in Wichita, Kansas, where I reside, a local church has taken upon itself to hit high school campuses around the area with protests against abortion. They claim they are doing this because more and more high school girls are having abortions. They weren't just there with signs that expressed their views. They were there with billboards that contained extremely graphic pictures of mutilated babies. These babies were victims of abortion. The uproar from these protests still have not died down.

My mind about such protests has changed. When I was a young Christian-conservative-republican I would have been out there with them. And in all reality I was. I took part in several big protests in town. I held signs. I marched down streets in a show of unity against the abomination that is abortion.

But as of the past couple of years, my mind is changed on the tactics that protestors and opponents of abortion should take.

Those signs with the mutilated babies, those should be taken down, at least from any campus that has minors attending. That is not so much a statement on abortion but an assault. These are pictures that would not make it past the sensors for even cable TV. It's not appropriate. And I've heard the argument that says "but these kids see inappropriate violence all the time in movies and that's the only language they understand." Bad argument. They only understand that language because that's all they are fed. So why are we dishing out some more for them? Do we sin in one area to stop a sin in another? I say it's wrong. It's doing nothing more than adding to the noise. I even have doubts in my mind as to how many abortions these signs have prevented. No doubt they have prevented a few. But I think they have probably pushed the issue farther away from our grasp then we know. They don't exactly scream love. They just have this feeling of 'whatever it takes, we don't care', and I'm not sure if in the long run if that's very effective at preventing actual abortions.

I don't go to abortion protests anymore. It's not that I think the protests themselves are wrong. It's that I choose to protest abortion with my power to vote. I attend a church that supports abortion alternative centers. In fact I have volunteered at those facilities and hope to do more in the future.

I'm going to say something even more shocking now. I'm not sure if too many of my friends would stand with me on this...
I believe that Christians and conservatives should quit trying to outlaw abortion and take that energy and put it in to preventing them from happening in the first place. Abortion alternative services like the Pregnancy Crisis Centers are great ways to fight against abortion. We are dying on the wrong hill. We have Christians giving endless money and time trying to get justices in courts that will overturn Roe v. Wade. We are wasting that time and money. That time and that money could have prevented thousands of abortions already by supporting abortion alternatives and programs that will give financial assistance to women who are considering aborting the unborn. Just think if we had enough time and money to put one of these abortion alternative centers next to every abortion clinic in America and then some. Lives would be saved. Countless lives. Abortions would still take place. They always have and they always will. So is our fight against such a terrible thing being waged effectivly?

Why, I ask you, are we holding out hope that they will cease to exist after we make it illegal? I think too many Christians will feel like they've fulfilled some kind of moral obligation by simply tossing some legislation at the problem. But the problem will still exist. It always will. We have to come up with better solutions. Sometimes I feel like Christians are spending too much of their time trying to make America into Eden. I've always felt that we need to abandon ship basically and bring as many people along with us as possible. Throw out the lifelines, ready the lifeboats, she's going down. America is never going back to the religious utopia it once was. Sure, we may have waves of revival like we did in the 1980's, but it'll never be like it was at our founding. So why are we trying to legislate it back into just that?

Now, that doesn't mean we don't fight for morality. That doesn't mean we lay down and let America rot. We fight against bad politics and injustice because if we didn't then evil would just take over. But we have to fight wisely. We have to pick our battles. Unfortunately we are losing the battle against abortion. We are throwing rocks at the wrong beehive. It's time that we change the battle plan, put the fight on a new front, and save lives.

I'd love to read some opinions on this. It's a hot button issue that can really get out of hand but input on this would help. How would you change the abortion fight?

Friday, October 21, 2005

Quote Of The Day

"How big are muffins going to get before we all join hands across America."
-- Kevin James

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Stop The ACLU Radio

Crossposted from

Stop The ACLU Radio

We've got a double treat for you today folks! Nedd Kareiva, founder of our parent site will be on the radio! But first we'll be having a live stream of Alan Sears, the president of the Alliance Defense Fund debating Barry Lynn of Americans United for the Seperation of Church and State.

Alan Sears will be on Barry Lynn's radio show Culture Shocks from 5 to 6pm Eastern Time, 2 to 3pm Pacific time. He will be discussing issues such as the the ACLU's policy to legalize child porn, their defense of sexual predators, and their positions on sick organizations like NAMBLA. If you haven't heard of Alan Sears take a look at The Alliance Defense Fund's website. They are one of the biggest forces out there fighting the evils of the ACLU. You can also check out his interview with Bill O'Reilly, or his interview with Frontpage magazine.

If you want to listen, tune in from 5 to 6pm Eastern Time, 2 to 3pm Pacific using KCAA's live MP3 feed. Choose between the free iTunes or Winamp players to listen.

If you want to talk to call in live on Culture Shocks, call them at 1-800-259-9231. Don't forget to mention Stop The ACLU.COM!

You can also hear Culture Shocks weekdays on your radio station, including KCAA 1050AM in the Los Angeles area, WCBR in Tennessee, KGGM in Louisiana, WASN in Youngstown Ohio and Newcastle, PA, and WARL in Providence RI. I wouldn't encourage listening to this guy's station everyday, but definitley tune in today. I'm thinking Alan will rip him apart.

And now, for the good news about our movement!!! I put this last because it will be later in the night, but our own Nedd Kareiva of Stop The ACLU.Org will be on WRWL Radio with Pastor Ernie Sanders to discuss the ACLU and our plans to cripple them. Pastor Sanders has the longest running radio show in Ohio (28 years per his site), has been in court with the ACLU over 20 times and not paid one dime to them. He fiercely opposes the ACLU's agenda and he is looking forward to speaking with him. He will be taking your calls so let's show Ohio and America we mean business against the ACLU. He will be on as long as they wish. He will mention the blog, so everyone try to call in and talk to Nedd.

TOLL FREE ACROSS AMERICA: (888) 677-9673, LOCAL: (216) 901-0933
LISTEN: Via Crusader Radio live Internet feed or WRWL stations at its home page.


We are trying to raise money for an ad in the Washington Times. We need to raise $2500.00! We're half way there with a little over $1,300.00!

Please Consider A Donation

Or Buy a bumper sticker from our store!

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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

My Conversation With Bono

A cold chill was in the air as I entered the lounge where I agreed to meet U2's frontman Bono. It was early fall and unusually cold in downtown Wichita Kansas. How I convinced an international superstar to fly into the midwest town for an interview with a blogger with only a handful of readers is anyone's guess.
I chose an out-of-the way pub for our meeting. When I walked in Bono was sitting at the table having a drink. He looked like, well he looked like Bono. The trademark hair, leather coat, and wrap around sunglasses were all present. I sat down and ordered a Diet Coke...

The Life And Times: I can't begin to thank you enough for flying in for this interview Bono.

Bono: Oh my pleasure. I enjoy your blog and I was excited to get the opportunity.

TLAT: Trust me the pleasure is all mine... Ok, Let me get something straight right off the bat, Do I just call you Bono?

Bono: Of course, what else would you call me?

TLAT: I didn't know if you had a last name or something.

Bono: Oh, no, just Bono. I mean my last name is Johnson. But I go by the moniker of Bono only.

TLAT: Ok, Bono it is... Bono Johnson....Really?

Bono: shut it.

TLAT: Ok, ok, sorry... How is your North American tour going?

Bono: Oh man, it is unbelievable, we are getting amazing crowds. We'll start out singing our signature songs and then move into our newer stuff. It's Amazing how everybody knows all the words. The audience sings louder than I do half the time. I mean we really have been using the same rhythm and tune since 1985 but no one seems to mind.

TLAT: That's great. The same tune? Really?

Bono: Well we like to keep things on an even keel. We've done research and found that our main demographic is college aged males that were barely even alive when we first hit the scene. So we write music that we think is to their hip standards. It's what our fans want. Drunken frat boys are scared of change and so we give them what they want. Why else do you think I haven't changed my hair style in 20 years?

TLAT: Wow, I guess I never really thought of it that way. Even though the mullet was out of style years keeping it that way has helped you sell records.

Bono: Euro-Mullet...thank you.

TLAT: I see

Bono: I come from the land of leprechauns and enchantment. And potatoes and drinking fit in there somewhere...but anyway we take pride in our Euro-Mullets. I personally have a team of 8 people that make sure this hair style never changes.

TLAT: Impressive. It's like you have a Supercuts with you everywhere you go.

Bono: You gettin sarcastic with me boy? You do know who I am?

TLAT: You're Bono.

(At this point bono's Irish accent became much more pronounced)

Bono: And don't you be a-forgettin it ma wee lad. I wouldn't want to have to just walk away from this here interview. I'm from Dublin don't ya know!

TLAT: Sorry Bono.

Bono: Tis ok, just you continue on with yer interview-en son.

TLAT: Wow, your accent is getting thick. I just..

Bono: Me accent starts to pick up when I get heated.

TLAT: Ok, let's move on to the next question.

Bono: Sounds like a great idea ma wee one.

TLAT: What is the future for U2? More albums? Retirement?

Bono: Well like most musicians I'd like to have as long a singing career as possible. I have thousands more songs in my head ready to come out. For instance here's one I was working on earlier today...oooh ahhhhhoooo ohwahhhhhoooohoooo One street moving in mysterious ways with no name ooooohoooo hawaaahoo.

Bono: What do you think?

TLAT: Sounds like a song those college frat boys will really get behind.

Bono: exactly. So in otherwords, U2 ain't going anywhere. I'm Bono reporting for The Life And Times saying thanks for reading and we'll catch you next...

TLAT: excuse me. What are you doing?

Bono: I was ending the interview.

TLAT: Why? I wasn't done asking questions.

Bono: Ok fine. One more and then I'm done with the likes of ya.

TLAT: Awesome.. Ok. You have been a very politically conscience celebrity for a while. Do you think that can bring about third world debt relief in our time?

Bono: Of course we can. We've started already. But you wankers here in America have yet to agree to cancel out enough debt. I mean people in African countries are starving because their country maxed out their Capital One Visa earlier on in their country's beginnings. We have them on a credit counseling program, But is it really enough? For instance... 8 years ago Tanzania needed some new fences for a lion exhibit. What choice did they have but to put it on their American Express. None. They tried to swipe the card but it was declined because America isn't cancling out this debt.

TLAT: Ok that is ridiculous. Countries don't have credit cards.

Bono: See that's the mindset you capitalist pigs have.. your country doesn't use a national credit card...But countries like the Congo lost their checking privlidges years ago after a round of bounced checks. So see yer argument sort of crumbles now doesn't it.

TLAT: Not really.

Bono: Bah! I'm gettin on my private jet and gettin out of here. Thanks for a great interview.

TLAT: You bet!

Bono: Hey, I'd love for you to come and see our show in Dallas. I'll get you backstage if you want.

TLAT: No that's ok, I can't stand your guys' music.

Bono: Oh that's right I forgot. Well than take it easy bloke..we'll be seeing ya.

TLAT: Thanks..You too!

And so another successful interview ends. Unlike My conversation with Mr. Moore, Bono and I ended on good terms...although I'm not sure why. Until next time this is The Life And Times....Out!


Monday, October 17, 2005

Real Fun Facts

So real it's impossible to make this stuff up

* I hate wasps so much. I think they are out to kill us all. They are waiting for the right moment and then they strike. That's why I spend my days finding wasps and punching them in the face...You like that Mr. wasp? Cause I'm gonna bring the hurt every time! How you like me now? (And yes I just copied that from my about lazy.)

* For my money, the greatest website of all time is I hear that the webmaster of that site is 100% man. A real stud.

* Wisconsin is known for their cheese. California is known for their sun and surfing. Oklahoma is known as the place Conway Twitty once trimmed his chest hair at a highway rest stop bathroom.

* History's Napoleon Bonapart had very few smiliarites to today's Napoleon Dynamite, except according to historical records for a short time several gangs were considering letting Bonapart join because of his skills with a bow staff. It's right there in the annals of can look it up on the microfiche at the library.

Saturday, October 15, 2005

Conservatives, Calm Down

Here's a simple thought for my fellow conservatives...

Just relax for a second and let the conformation process take place. We knew very little about John Roberts a few weeks ago and now everybody seems to be fine with him. Just let the questions come during the conformation. I'm getting sick of some conservatives practically committing suicide in the streets because Harriet Miers hasn't been seen protesting abortion clinics. Do not choose this hill to die on. Thanks!

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Stop Paying For The Secularization of America

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It happens somewhere in America almost everyday. Some small school, city counsel or County Courthouse gets sued. Perhaps your town has a historical monument to honor the dead from WWII that just so happens to be shaped like a cross. Or maybe your child's school will be having a winter break instead of Christmas this year. Whatever it is, don't fool could happen to your town. And what will happen when it does? What will happen when the ACLU comes into your backyard? Will your town stand up for its religious liberties, or fold? The ACLU will go full force and has plenty of money to back it up. Does your town have the funds to defend itself? The ACLU has the backing of huge liberal groups, funded to the tee. How doe your town stack up?

Don't think it couldn't happen to you. Right now, there are those out there watching it happen to them. What can you do? If the ACLU wins, guess who pays for it? Thats right, you do.

I found the following at ReclaimAmerica.Org

U.S. Representative John Hostettler has introduced legislation which seeks to prevent the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) from collecting millions of dollars in court awards when they seek to remove symbols of the Christian faith from society.

The Public Expression of Religion Act of 2005 (H.R. 2679) would prevent secular organizations from collecting attorney fees after suing communities to remove memorial crosses, Ten Commandments displays, or any other vestige of the Christian faith. The legislation reads, "The remedies with respect to a claim under this section where the deprivation consists of a violation of a prohibition in the Constitution against the establishment of religion shall be limited to injunctive relief."

I found this at

ACLU Generates Revenue in Courtroom Campaign

$156,960 Nebraska

The ACLU was awarded $156,960 after a judge overturned an amendment to the Nebraska Constitution defining marriage as the union of one man and one woman. The amendment was approved by 70 percent of Nebraska voters.

$790,000 = San Diego

The ACLU was given $790,000 after suing to nullify a lease between the city of San Diego and the Boy Scouts of America. A federal judge sided with the ACLU, ruling that the Boy Scouts are a religious organization because they require kids to pledge an oath to God and promise to live a "morally straight"

$150,000 = Barrow County (Ga.)

The ACLU was awarded $150,000 after suing to remove a display of the Ten Commandments from the Barrow County Courthouse.

$615,500 = Florida Supreme Court

The Florida Supreme Court established the Florida Bar Foundation and then commissioned the foundation to provide $615,500 to the ACLU of Florida between the years of 1990 and 1997.

$121,500 = Kentucky

The ACLU was awarded $121,500 after suing to remove a monument outside of the Kentucky Capitol building.

$277,000 = Kentucky

The ACLU was awarded a whopping $277,000 after suing to overturn a state law against abortion in 1994.

$299,500 = Kentucky

In 2001, the ACLU was awarded more than $299,500 after suing to overturn abortion regulations in Kentucky.

$50,000 = Tennessee

A Tennessee County was forced to pay the ACLU $50,000 after losing a legal battle to preserve a display of the Ten Commandments.

$37,037 = Loudoun County (Va.)

The ACLU was awarded $37,037 after winning a lawsuit to prevent a Loudoun County (Va.) from installing pornography filters on public library computers.

$175,000 = Alabama

Following the lawsuit, involving former Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore, to remove a Ten Commandments monument from the rotunda of the Alabama Supreme Court building, state taxpayers were forced to pay nearly $550,000 in attorney fees and court costs. Of that, $175,000 went to the ACLU.

$63,000 = California

Taxpayers were forced to give the ACLU a whopping $63,000 after their lawsuit to remove a World War One Memorial Cross from the Mojave National Preserve.

$74,462 = Habersham County (Ga.)

The ACLU received $74,462 from Georgia taxpayers after suing to remove a Ten Commandments display from the Habersham County (Ga.) Courthouse.

$25,000 = Pulaski County (Ark.)

The ACLU was awarded $25,000 after suing an Arkansas county for telling the child's parents that the 14-year-old boy was living an openly gay lifestyle in school.

$135,000 = Cobb County (Ga.)

The ACLU is scheduled to receive $135,000 from Cobb County taxpayers, after suing the county to remove warning stickers from the district biology books. The stickers simply read, "Evolution is a theory, not a fact."

$75,000 = Pasco (Wash.)

The city of Pasco, Washington was forced to pay the ACLU $75,000 after they lost a lawsuit to remove the painting of a naked woman from the Pasco City Hall.

$52,000 = Seattle (Wash.)

Residents in Seattle, Washington, were ordered to pay $52,000 to the ACLU — for defending a student's "right" to mock the assistant principal in a sexual online parodies … sodomizing Homer Simpson and appearing in Viagra commercials.

$6,000,000 = American taxpayers

The ACLU, along with other pro-abortion organizations, have shared in court awards estimated to be worth roughly six million dollars following the Supreme Court's decision in which they declared the Nebraska partial birth abortion ban unconstitutional. Reportedly, these lawsuits affected thirty states.

$18,000 = London (Ohio)

After suing London, Ohio, for allowing their football coach to host a voluntary prayer for athletes, the ACLU was awarded $18,000 in attorney fees.

$110,000 = Multnomah County (Oregon)

Incredibly, Multnomah County taxpayers were asked to pay a whopping $110,000 after the ACLU sued them for allowing the Boy Scouts of America to recruit on public school campuses.

$111,000 = Operation Rescue

Operation Rescue was ordered to pay the ACLU $111,000 after losing a lawsuit in which the ACLU sought to prevent the organization from picketing near abortion clinics.

$230,000">San Diego (California)

San Diego residents were forced to pay $230,000 in legal costs in an effort to defend the Mount Soledad Cross (a memorial to the Korean War) from an ACLU lawsuit. The Korean War Memorial had been established in 1952.

Don't let it happen to your town, or if it is going to happen...don't pay for it. Reclaiming America has put together a petition that already has over 100,000 signatures. We also have a petition asking for the same thing, to stop taxpayer funding of the ACLU in Establishment Clause cases. You can sign both petitions here. Help us curb the secularization of America.

This was a production of Stop The ACLU Blogburst. If you would like to join us, please register at Our Portal. You will be added to our mailing list and blogroll. Over 115 blogs already onboard.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Five Years Ago Today: The U.S.S. Cole

Sadly many Americans have forgotten that 911 was not day one of terrorist attacks on America. Many forget about the first World Trade Center attack that took place in 1993. Before that attack and after, numerous attacks on American embassys took place. Unfortunately a lot of this goes unmentioned in the media because the brunt of the attacks happened during the Clinton administration, and since the former president is still searching for his legacy the liberal media is all too happy to snub stories that might bring up those memories.

On October 12, 2000, in the a.m. hours a boat approached the port side of the Cole and exploded ripping a massive hole in the side. 16 sailors were killed and hundreds were injured. The remaining crew heroically kept the ship afloat. It was later determined that Osama Bin Laden was the terrorist behind the bombing.
Here is a list from wikipedia of those who died...

Hull Maintenance Technician 2nd Class Kenneth Eugene Clodfelter, 21, of Mechanicsville, Virginia.
Electronics Technician Chief Petty Officer Richard Costelow, 35, of Morrisville, Pennsylvania.
Mess Management Specialist Seaman Lakeina Monique Francis, 19, of Woodleaf, North Carolina
Information Systems Technician Seaman Timothy Lee Gauna, 21, of Rice, Texas
Signalman Seaman Cherone Louis Gunn, 22, of Rex, Georgia
Seaman James Rodrick McDaniels, 19, of Norfolk, Virginia
Engineman 2nd Class Marc Ian Nieto, 24, of Fond du Lac, Wisconsin
Electronics Warfare Technician 2nd Class Ronald Scott Owens, 24, of Vero Beach, Florida
Seaman Lakiba Nicole Palmer, 22, of San Diego, California
Engineman Fireman Joshua Langdon Parlett, 19, of Churchville, Maryland
Fireman Patrick Howard Roy, 19, of Cornwall on Hudson, New York
Electronics Warfare Technician 1st Class Kevin Shawn Rux, 30, of Portland, North Dakota
Mess Management Specialist 3rd Class Ronchester Manangan Santiago, 22, Kingsville, Texas
Operations Specialist 2nd Class Timothy Lamont Saunders, 32, of Ringgold, Virginia
Fireman Gary Graham Swenchonis Jr., 26, Rockport, Texas
Ensign Andrew Triplett, 31, of Macon, Mississippi
Seaman Craig Bryan Wibberley, 19, of Williamsport, Maryland

Never forget!

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

The Phil Hendrie Show

I have talked about The Phil Hendrie Show many times before. But now would be a good time to bring it back up again because frankly other than the Miers nomination this has been a slow political news cycle.
The Phil Hendrie Show is probably the most innovative radio show possibly in the history of radio.
wikipedia describes the show like this:
While "The Phil Hendrie Show" has become renowned for its unique and controversial guests, those guests are not real people at all — they are fictional characters created and portrayed by Hendrie.
Though Hendrie often alludes to the fact that he is, in fact, doing the voices, listeners are invited to call and many are duped into believing that the guests on the show are real. He rapidly switches back and forth between a studio microphone and a conventional telephone, creating the illusion that his "guest" has called into the show. Adding to the llusion, the telephone line often features prerecorded background noises from various locations.
The show is hilarious on so many levels. Not only is Phil a talented comedic radio personality, but the spontinatiy that the unknowning and unsuspecting callers bring to the show adds to the comedy. Plus on top of that the backgrounds that Phil creates for the "guests" of the show is very humerous. Check out Wikipedia's descriptions of some of Phil's more popular guests:

Jay Santos
"Brigadier Admiral" in the "Citizens' Auxiliary Police" (Motto: "We Take a Peek Over the Shoulder of the Police") of Hawthorne, California (originally from Philadelphia). His uniform consists of a blue arm band, a pith helmet, Bermuda shorts, and Doc Marten wingtips. An overbearing, officious "rent-a-cop," Santos' motto and excuse for his behavior is "It's About Saving Lives." Jay gets his marching orders from Major Elvis Newton, commanding officer of the Citizens' Auxiliary Police.

Dean Wheeler

New-age, Birkenstock-wearing, America-hating, yoga-teaching apologist from a Northern California political activist group. In a previous incarnation, he was the spokesman of the Kentucky Tobacco Growers' "Tobaccy Truck" which allowed kids under the age of 18 to get free "tobaccy" if they had consent of any adult, even Mr. Wheeler.

Jeff Dowder
A stoner, a drummer in the band "Darkhorse" (aka Darque Hoarse) and Professor of Mechanical Physics at Caltech. Jeff is based on real-life pal "Sundown" from Hendrie's days in Miami. Jeff is advocate of the medical use of marijauna. He often demonstrates his drumming live on the air, usually incorporating various "jazz modalities;" he frequently pauses for bong hits. Jeff has a friend named Toby Beau. (Jeff has also been known (in at least one bit) as Dr. Jeff Raley.)

Don Parsley
In the wake of any natural disaster or terrorist attack, Phil takes a call from a gentleman named Don Parsley who claims to have lost his wife in the tragedy. Don claims to not take charity, but often accepts Phil's offer to solicit contributions from the listeners, if only for Don's children. As the segment progresses, Don will decline all offers of assistance that are not cash money, he will forget his wife's name, the names and number of his children, and generally reveal himself to be a complete fraud. In one segment, Don claims to have lost his wife during the New York City blackouts. Late in the segment Don reveals that during the blackout, his wife had looted an electronics store and tripped over the power cord of the TV she was carrying away, thus falling in the middle of a street and getting hit by a car.


Monday, October 10, 2005

My Conversation With Michael Moore

The Arby's that I had agreed to meet documentarian Michael Moore at was fairly empty for a Thursday night. I asked the manager why the crowd was so sparse and he just asked me if I was going to order something. I ordered a potato cake and sat down at one of the booths. Thirty minutes later a rather large menacing shadow overtook the table I had chosen. There standing before me was Mr. Moore. He was taller than I had imagined. He had a blue t-shirt on with a pair of jeans. He was sporting what looked to be a three or four day stubble and of course he was wearing his trademark hat.
I started rolling tape for the interview...

TLAT: Good evening Mr. Moore, nice to finally meet you.

MM: Yeah, likewise...hey do you mind if I get dinner, I only had a pie earlier.

TLAT: absolutely, go for it. They have free refills here, it's nice.

MM: On Beef'n'Chedders?

TLAT: No on drinks.

MM: Oh, man, don't tease me like that.

At this point Moore goes to the counter to get his supper. I sit and ponder whether or not to leave in all of the references to food in my interview. I was trying my best to keep the subject off of making fun of Moore's weight. He returns to the booth, But sure enough just as he sits down his pants split wide open in the back.

TLAT: Oh man, that sucks.

MM: Ah no big deal, that's the third time today. My assistant buys pants for me at Sam's club in bulk.

TLAT: Wow, they sell pants in bulk at Sam's club?

MM: Yeah, they're over next to the sample ladies. Except I never see the sample ladies when I'm there, I think they hide in the back.

TLAT: I never knew.

MM: yep.

TLAT: Ok, Mr Moore before the 2004 election you released Fahrenheit 911 which was massively critical of the President, on The Life And Times we called you on the lies of this movie. Do you regret making it?

MM: Fejo meknuff efjoll giht.

TLAT: Excuse me?

MM: Fjiih Tre efjoll.

TLAT: I'd ask that you please swallow that bite before you speak.

MM Fjihh? Is that better?

TLAT: Much, thanks. Now should I repeat the question?

MM: No, what I was saying was that I don't regret making F911. In fact I wish I hadn't gone so easy on the president.

TLAT: What? You're saying that in Fahrenheit 911 you took it easy on Bush?

MM: Yeah, I didn't bring up anything about how he had blacks killed in Florida because they voted for Gore.

TLAT: But he DIDN'T have blacks killed in Florida because they voted for Gore.

MM: I know...and I didn't say anything about that. I could have, but I didn't.

TLAT: That would have been a lie.

MM: Look if this is too hard for you to understand I can just go.

TLAT: No, no. It's ok. You had threatened before F911 even came out that you would sue for slander, anyone that criticized your movie. Whatever happened to that?

MM: Well no legitimate criticism came in so I never had to "bust out my lawyers" so to speak.

TLAT: What are you talking about? Your movie was thoroughly debunked by everyone from children up to brilliant minds like Dick Morris.

MM: I never heard about it.

TLAT: Did you read a newspaper anytime after your movie came out?

MM: I can't read.

TLAT: Oh, well that would be why... Ok... You recently aligned yourself with Cindy Sheehan, the woman that lost her son in Iraq and then went on to oppose the war publicly. Do you believe that aligning yourself with Sheehan was the best thing for your cause?

MM: Sheehan was a real cash cow for me...ahem..I mean...uh. Can we strike that last sentence from the record?

TLAT: We aren't in a court trial here Michael.

MM: geez..ok..Well then by cash cow I meant that she hurt Bush and that's a real "Cash cow in my book".

TLAT: That makes no sense.

MM: Next question please.

TLAT: Fine. Your next documentary will be an expose' on the health care/health insurance industry. Do you think that it will be really that interesting to all of us?

MM: Oh I think so, who wouldn't want to hear about how Bush stole the Florida election, waged a war over oil, and occupied 2 countries?

TLAT: But that's the same premise as F911

MM: No it isn't. This one has a different title and everything.

TLAT: Well, it sounds fishy to me.

MM: Think what you want, I'm driving a new BMW and bought a new house because of the popularity of Fahrenheit 911 so obviously the movie is true and Bush is a lying tyrant. Plus I got a call from Jane Fonda thanking me for making it. Can you believe that? A woman talked to me. I got so excited that I ate a cheesecake or two.

TLAT: Well just because Jane Fonda thanked you for making the movie doesn't make the movie true.

MM: But it doesn't not make it not true.

TLAT: Huh?

MM: Look I gotta get going. I have another interview over at Burger King with Larry King in half an hour.

TLAT: Fine. Thanks for giving me a chance to ask a few questions.

MM: Anytime. I'm quite fond of the work you do over at MSNBC.

TLAT: But I'm not with MSNBC. I run a blog called The Life And Times that is read by over 4 people a day. Did your assistant not tell you this?

MM: I understood you were with MSNBC.

TLAT: Nope. I don't even have cable.

MM: Then I'm outie five thousand.

TLAT: I had no idea anyone still said "outie five thousand".

MM: Shutup

TLAT: You do realize that this will all be printed on my site?

MM: So

TLAT: homosaywhat?

MM: Nice Try. I'm so gone!

TLAT: Bye.

And those were the last words Michael Moore said to me as I exited the Arby's. I hope my future interviews go much smoother.


Friday, October 07, 2005

More Of The Worst Songs Of All Time

I was thinking of more bad music and I realized that I need to write another post to cover it.

* Anything by Mannheim Steamroller There is nothing worse than bad synthesizers mixed with good Christmas music. I lose the spirit of Christmas fast. So many stores play this junk over their speakers that this year I may stay home and buy everything on QVC.

* Brand New Key -- Melanie I downloaded this song recently, having remembered hearing it in my youth. What a waste.

* Horse With No Name -- America Pure 70's crap. I like America. I hate this song.

* Anything by Macy Gray -- She has one of the most annoying voices of all time. On top of that she has a huge afro. On top of that...well no more needs to be said.

* Don't Worry, Be Happy -- Bobby McFerrin I heard him say recently on tv that he refuses to sing this song in concert ever again because he hates it. If only he'd thought of that before he released it.

* I'll Be Missing You -- Puff Daddy featuring Faith Evans Sting must have wished he'd never have allowed this song to be covered by Poofy Mcdiddle(or whatever his names happens to be this week). Oh wait, the royalties...I forgot.

* She Bangs -- Ricky Martin This song set U.S./Latin America relations back 100 years.

* Lady in Red -- Chris DeBurgh Cheek to cheek? Which pair of cheeks is he speaking of?

* The Sign -- Ace of Base Yeah I loved Ace Of Base....when the were called ABBA.

* Harper Valley P.T.A. -- Jeannie C Riley Stupidest....Song....Ever!

* Yummy, Yummy, Yummy - The Ohio Express -- This song reminds me of something from Willy Wonka. I think maybe they were trying to be serious.

Thursday, October 06, 2005

The ACLU's Euthanasia

Crossposted from

Yesterday, the new session of the Supreme Court opened with the controversial topic of assisted suicide. The legal debate is over States rights, but for America the real debate is a moral one. The "death with dignity" crowd plea that someone who is terminal and suffering should be allowed to die in a less painful way. There may be many of you that agree, but I think this opens the pandoras box. Once we hand over power to the medical community to determine who is fit to live, we open the door for some Dr. Death type zealot to step in. Many doctors feel if they were compelled by the State to comply with the wishes of a patient to help them die, it would be a violation of their hypocratic oath. North American Patriot points out from an article in the Scientific American Of the 34 euthanasia cases, Ogden found that half were botched and ultimately resulted in increased suffering. This is where the moral line gets drawn.
"The ACLU recognizes the right of a patient to euthanasia..."--ACLU Policy Guide of 1986. They have also went to the defense of many in assisted suicide cases, and other "right to die" cases See here. In 1988 the ACLU supported a proposal in Michigan that would allow a panel of physicians to determine whether a person is terminally ill and mentally competent to choose to have a physician-assisted death.

These were all voluntary cases involving terminally ill people, so what is the problem? The problem is a moral one, and another case for the slippery slope argument. It is based on the intentions of our founders.

The ACLU attempts to promote euthanasia and assisted suicide in the guise of "the right to privacy". Euthanasia and assisted suicide are not private acts. Instead, they involve one person participating directly in the death of another. This is a matter of public concern since it can lead to significant abuse, exploitation and degradation of care for some of the most vulnerable people among us.

Oregon, the Netherlands and Belgium are the only places in the world where laws specifically allow euthanasia or assisted suicide. Oregon permits assisted suicide. The Netherlands and Belgium allow both euthanasia and assisted suicide.

We can learn some important lessons of such concepts from history:

"In October of 1939 amid the turmoil of the outbreak of war Hitler ordered widespread "mercy killing" of the sick and disabled.

Code named "Aktion T 4," the Nazi euthanasia program to eliminate "life unworthy of life" at first focused on newborns and very young children. Midwives and doctors were required to register children up to age three who showed symptoms of mental retardation, physical deformity, or other symptoms included on a questionnaire from the Reich Health Ministry.

The Nazi euthanasia program quickly expanded to include older disabled children and adults. Hitler's decree of October, 1939, typed on his
personal stationery and back dated to Sept. 1, enlarged "the authority of certain physicians to be designated by name in such manner that persons who, according to human judgment, are incurable can, upon a most careful diagnosis of their condition of sickness, be accorded a mercy death."Source

Could this happen in America? I fear we have opened a door that could very well push us in that direction. If the Supreme Court rules in favor of this law, many other states could follow suit. First its voluntary, then we get into the issue of guardianship, which can lead to sick babies, deformed babies, etc...

Many of you will not like what I have got to say, but here it is...I'm gonna go evangelical on you; an individual has no right to take their own life. It is important to understand this. Allow me explain.

The opening refrain of the Declaration of Independence provides the necessity of an absolute standard upon which the rule of law must be based:

"When in the course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another, and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the laws of nature and of nature's God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation.

We hold these truths to be self-evident:

That all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness; that, to secure these rights, governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed;...
" Declaration of Independence

First of all, and most importantly, notice who the founders believed endowed us our rights. Then notice that while the right of life was granted, there is no right to choose your death.

Thomas Jefferson said, "the chief purpose of government is to protect life. Abandon that, and you have abandoned all."

Abraham Lincoln was faced with the same issue when he questioned the institution of slavery. He said,"I should like to know if taking this old Declaration of Independence, which declares that all men are equal upon priciple, and making exceptions to it, where it will stop. If one man says it does not mean a Negro, why not another say it does not mean some other man?"

The individual is granted the gift of life by God. Who has the right to take it away? A legal guardian? A Court? In my opinion, the only one who has the right to take away life is the Creator who granted it. If you put that right into the hands of the individual, a panel of doctors, a legal guardian, or the judicial system, you have given up that right. God grants our rights, not the State. If the State granted rights it could take them away, and that is where the danger lies.

Euthanasia and assisted suicide are not about giving rights to the person who dies but, instead, they are about changing public policy so that doctors or others can directly end or be involved in ending another person's life. Euthanasia and assisted suicide are not about the right to die. They are about the right to kill.

Life is not the gift of the State. To give consent to the State to be involved in the taking of human life is to grant a right to the State that does not belong to it, a license to kill. It allows the State to exercise a "right" over something that was not the State's to give in the first place. For human life belongs to God's realm, not the government's.

In order to protect any rights we must protect all rights, beginning with the rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

Our best hope for civil liberties protection is not the ACLU, but to return to the rule of law based on the inalienable right to life endowed to all men by their Creator. The rule of law intended by our founders.

This was a production of Stop The ACLU Blogburst. If you would like to join us, please register at Our Portal. You will be added to our maling list and blogroll. Over 115 blogs already onboard.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Why President Bush Is One Of The Greatest Presidents Of Our Time

There aren't too many things in this world that are more thrilling than to tell a liberal that Bush is one of the greatest presidents of all time and watch them just about have a coronary. It's like dangling a piece of meat at a dog, they can't help but bite. The good thing is that beyond being a great debate starter, it's true. Let me tell you why Bush is great and is bound for history as such.

* War presidents have almost always gone down as greats. Not because Americans love violence but because they love peace. Every war I can think of that America has been involved with has been a noble cause. Yes libs, even the current war. That doesn't mean that America is spotless, I mean we have engaged in battles that we should have saved for another time and another place, but generally as a rule we have saved our wrath for those that have had it coming. So even though presidents are often branded as warmongers during their reign as commander, in time history has treated them well and I think George Bush will be no exception.

* If there were any sort of real, actual scandal, infidelity, bad habit, or inept leadership in George Bush it would have long ago been brought forward and would have stuck. We can tell this because the democrats have spent their every waking moment plotting, planning, searching, and begging for any spot or blemish that might bring Bush down a peg. He is one of the most hated presidents of all time. That doesn't mean he has the worst popularity rating, it means that those that do dislike him, hate him. And they have been tossing anything and everything against the wall hoping that something, anything will stick. It hasn't. In the meantime it has cost the democrats 2 elections and it may echo into the future. Trying to take down Bush is their only plan as a party. Bush has dodged it all with flying colors. This alone should qualify him for sainthood in my book.

* There have been NO major attacks on any state or city since 9-11. Before I move on let me say, there WILL be another attack on America in the future, probably during Bush's 2nd term still. But the fact that it hasn't happened yet is a huge miracle. And Bush and his administration have helped that happen. The patriot act, no matter what you think about it,
has saved countless lives . Sure, some innocent Arab may have had his library check out history looked at by the government, but it is the price we have to pay for safety. Bush must get credit for saving countless lives here at home.

Great presidents were never considered great in their time. Lincoln was hated almost as much as Bush is, but he goes down in history as one of the all time greats. Reagan has achieved immense popularity since his terms, but during those terms he had some of the lowest popularity ratings ever. Bush WILL turn into a Reagan or a Lincoln, mark my words. My only question then for the democrats is: How long will you continue being on the wrong side of history?

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Monday, October 03, 2005

Cry Us A River

Should we pretend to care this time, or just point and laugh like we've been doing. Yet another crybaby from the left has gone loony in public. This time our crybaby literally cried. I'm wondering if maybe he even became incontinent during his rant. As Matt Drudge put it, he "choked back tears" as he said, "Bush will destroy our lives."
This is another notch on our belt of course. Especially since this time it's Donald Sutherland from the ABC show 'The West Wing', you know, the show where the left play pretend. Kind of like a 'What-if-we-could-actually-win-an-election-with-our-warped-ideas' kind of a thing. They can't make it in the real world, where actual adults get to lead the actual country. So they play dress up with their dollies and their legos and expect us all to bow at their uneducated feet when they say a bunch of talking points that they heard on NPR. I'm not sure if they realize that smoking weed for four years in the thespian club at some state college doesn't exactly qualify them to run the dog pound, much less the most powerful country in the world.
I love this stuff! I think our goal should be to have Barbara Streisand eventually soil herself on national TV while screaming about Bush killing babies to sell the parts for oil. It's unintentional comedy from the left. Thanks for keeping us laughing...oh, and thanks for helping us stay in power!

Saturday, October 01, 2005

Top Ten Worst Songs

Ok, we've done the "best of" thing long enough. It's time to find out what people hate. Sometimes there are those songs that just annoy you so bad that you just want to scream. So please be sure and post your selection in the comments. Here goes..

*Me And Bobby McGee -- Janis Joplin Probably one of the worst songs of all time. You want to take the record, bust it over a table, and jab the pointed shards into your eye by the time you hear this song more than once, ever.

* You've Never Been This Far Before -- Conway Twitty Words cannot describe how disgusting it is to hear a redneck with a huge belt buckle, tons of chest hair, and a gold chain around his neck, sing about deflowering a woman.

* Anything by the Grateful Dead The Grateful Dead may well be the worst band ever. Some of the most generic music of all time.

* Word Up -- Korn This Cameo cover is a terrible song by a band that is drifting fast.

* Walk Like An Egyptian -- The Bangles A terrible song from a band that should have known better.

* Pride(In The Name Of Love) -- U2 I realize that half the globe disagrees with me on this one, but I have never seen a band churn out more overhyped recycled music than U2, and with Bono's annoying high pitched whine to top it off. I just can't get on board.

* Anything by Bruce Springsteen How this man ever got to where he is is a mystery that science and wisdom can never answer.

* Boot Scootin Boogie -- Brooks & Dunn Although at one time I would have actually tolerated this kind of music, I feel this song represents why modern day commercial country music is laughable at best.

* Desperado -- Eagles I liked this song the first time I heard it I'm sure. But the second time you hear it you start working on the noose and hanging it from the rafters. It's just boring. People often site this song as their favorite song...stay away from those people. And generally as a rule, if Linda Rondstat covers your song...write better songs. Fortunately the Eagles did.

* Sunglasses At Night -- Corey Hart CG might not agree with me on this one since he has had the distinct pleasure of meeting the man (although he didn't know it at the time). But this song is uber-bad. It's like he tossed the words together in a hat. It's a karoke favorite I understand. If you are in a bar and someone starts off with this song, unplug the machine. It's not good!

Ok your turn everyone...