Thursday, September 22, 2005

With Roberts The ACLU
Shows Its True Colors

There have been times in the ACLU's existence as an organization that it has had no choice but to out itself as nothing more than a liberal hack group. The nomination of Judge Roberts to the Supreme Court is one of those times. As I listened to Judge Roberts answer question after question at his nomination hearing I realized that he may well be one of the most brilliant lawyers/judges of his time. Every answer he gave slowly shut down the questioner who had hostile intentions with his or her query. He gave textbook perfect answers to any and all of the toughest questions.
So why would an organization that tells us their sole purpose is to fight for the Constitution have anything to say about Roberts? Could it be that even though Roberts is more than qualified to serve he just doesn't fit within the narrow agenda of liberal and socialistic ideas that the ACLU really is striving for?

Look at this quote from a press release posted earlier this month on the ACLU website.
In a recent report, the ACLU analyzed [Roberts] civil rights and civil liberties record, which remains incomplete due to a lack of full government disclosure of Roberts work. But what is known about Roberts record raises serious concerns about his commitment to affirmative action, upholding Roe v. Wade, the First Amendment, gender equality, habeas corpus and the ability of people to go to court to protect their rights.

Nowhere in that quote does it say that any serious concerns have arisen about Roberts ability to uphold the Constitution. Their only apparent complaint is that he may possibly not uphold their liberal wacko ideas. Affirmative Action is not in the Constitution. If and when Roberts takes his oath as a Supreme Court judge, he will not be pledging to uphold Roe V. Wade, he'll be pledging to uphold the constitution. As far as I can tell he's going to be good at it too.
This all goes to prove that the ACLU is not what they say they are. They aren't superheroes fighting for our constitutional freedom. They've already said many times that the Constitution, in its current form, is rubbish. They want a "living document" that can be molded to the whim of a liberal judge. Original intent and past precedent apparently take a back seat to the mood and whim of some tree hugging hack who wasn't hugged enough as a child. No, the ACLU is not fighting for what's right under the Constitution, they are fighting for bad ideas that are so far removed from what America is that even moderates cringe. It's scary. It's what drives this site and sites like to do what we do, to fight back. And make sure that you visit often to find ways to do just that.

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