Wednesday, September 28, 2005

More Of Life's Truths

* Democrats are scared of conservatism in any form. This why they are getting desperate enough to do things like blame natural disasters and their aftermath on Republicans. Democrats are getting comically stupid.

* Condi Rice is probably our only hope at defeating Hillary in the next election.

* Throwing rocks at a beehive never ends well.

* Each city in America should do everything in their power to move sex shops and adult bars out, even though the ACLU and the loony left will fight it. Never ever back down when the loony left or the ACLU put up a fight.

* Americans are too fat. This is not Ronald McDonalds fault. That guy who made that documentary Supersize Me is a propagandist bent on socialism. If your fat kid wants 8 cheeseburgers because of a neat toy, tell him no. Problem solved.

* Hollywood is straight up out of ideas. Want to prove this? Go watch Flightplan starring Jodie Foster. In this movie she couldn't act her way out of a paper bag.

* Richard Simmons is gay, white, and he has an afro. That's an odd combination.

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Chris said...

Point by point, Aaron:

Democrats have been comically stupid since before either of us were born, but you're still right on this one.

Depending on how bad things get in the next year or so, I might add Giuliani (a liberal Republican) to the "probable" list. He would work on the issues Bush overlooked(spending and immigration, for starters), while relaxing on the social issues that already have momentum of their own.

I never got stung when throwing rocks at a beehive; it was always one of my friends who did. I did get stung by a wasp while clearing out some bushes in a yard, right under my nose.

Sex shops have the right to sell legal items, though no-one wants them in their neighborhood. All bars are for adults. If you mean "strip clubs," then I agree with you. I owned a night club, and can tell you about how badly they influence the "bar" culture in an area.

Don't use the apostrophe for "Americans" in this one. "Americans are too fat." It's the plural, not a contraction (or a posessive case). Anyway, you're right again, on the substance of the point.

Haven't seen it, probably never will. Jodie Foster's best acting was in Maverick, mostly due to the role she played.

AAH, Aaron, you weren't around in the '70's when there were alot of gay white men with afros, at least in NY. That was actually the style that Mr. Simmons adapted for himself, though he doesn't wear the mustache that so many gays did back then. Don't ask me how I know so much about '70's gay culture in NY. Suffice it to say my mother was "in the theater."

Dude, I hope I don't regret leaving these comments, but there they are...