Tuesday, September 13, 2005

The Madness Of Divorce

Divorce is on the rise in this great country, rising to levels never before seen. And why? Well to tell you the truth for the most part, with lots of exceptions, I blame men. I blame that hedonistic mindset that dwells in us all. It's our sin nature to look out for #1. But men in this country have let movies, media, and peers without our best interest in mind tell us that the grass is greener on the other side of the fence. They say that being a man isn't complete until you have barbie hanging on your left arm and a glass of beer in the other. There is nothing manly about abandoning a promise. So many of us are living as if there is nothing bigger than us. Ourselves are our only God. And what a lousy God at that.
Men have got to get a grip on reality. If a man leaves his wife in search for a more trophy like wife he just might be happy.......for the equivalent of about 5 minutes. Than guess what, that hole that he was trying to fill will be gaping once again. So goodbye trophy wife #2. And the sick cycle carousel will continue on and on. And that's because the void is being filled with items that cannot satisfy eternally.
This is why God patterned marriage the way he did. Because when you have your eyes first set to him then the satisfaction in your wife and family will be enhanced. The void is filled and filled eternally. It's something that American men are so ignorant to that having 4 or 5 failed marriages seems minor to them. It's an American disease that is frustrating and scary. Love God, Love your wife, and be happy. It's really not a complicated thing to understand. It's not always easy to love God and your wife, but nothing that is worthwhile in this world is ever easy. Never forget that.

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