Thursday, September 08, 2005

Katrina's Aftermath: The ACLU's Worst Nightmare

As with any socialistic organization the days following the recent tragic hurricane must really be eating away at morale. The underlying goal of any organization like the ACLU is to puff up the government. The government to them is the deity. It's the savior of the people. So, you can imagine their frustration when everywhere you look you see neighbors, sons, daughters, grandparents, and children giving food, medicine, and even living space. They aren't standing around waiting for Ted Kennedy to come swooping in like Superman to save the American people. It's neighbor helping neighbor.
Sure, the government is chipping in untold billions of dollars to help. But tossing money at the victims is only part of the help that is needed. Man power from endless amounts of volunteers who aren't related to the government are the real force behind the healing of the Gulf region.
During national tragedy socialism and communism fail. Individuals succeed where governments fail. Now once we get the ACLU to tell the truth about their not-so-hidden socialistic agenda hopefully they will fail as well.

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John said...

hopefully they will fail indeed. Great post. Humanity is about helping one another. Great point.