Saturday, September 03, 2005

Country Music

I realize that I am in the minority on this one even amongst my circle of friends. But I loathe modern day country music so bad it's not funny. I just want to walk up to Kenny Chesney and slap the hat off his bald head. It's like watching a circus with these rednecks. I hate it almost as bad as I hate self-loving rappers. Let's face it, any music genre that encourages people to wear cowboy hats when they haven't even been anywhere near a cow is just bad music. And the belt buckles, oh don't get me started. If your belt buckle is bigger than your fist, you need help.
I say all that knowing full well that in my teens I was a big country music fan. I've seen George Strait 5 times in concert. I even saw....gulp...Brooks and Dunn. Everyone has a past they are slightly embarrassed over.
Also keep in mind that every once in a while a country song comes out that I will catch myself humming later on when I'm working or something. It's not like the genre hasn't put out it's rare gem.
Another thing to remember is that old country does not necessarily apply to this hatred of mine. Johnny Cash was the man. So was Marty Robbins. Even Willie Nelson has written some of the most recognizable tunes ever. And Patsy Cline still holds a special place in my MP3 player. But Tim McGraw and the gang are rubbish and hold no place in the old IPod.

Country haters unite!


Matthew said...


You're singing my song, pal.

I used to love country music because my mom got me listening to George Strait and the Pure Country soundtrack.

But now, I can't hardly stand it.

Except for one song once and a while I catch, like that new Alan Jackson one where he uses the guys from Yes, Dear in the video. I can't remember the title, something like "The Talkin' Song Blues" or something.

But man, I hold no place for country music on my iPod at all.


Anonymous said...

you also saw- Faith Hill(2x's), Terry Clark, The Tractors, Hal Ketchum, Leann Rhymes, Alan Jackson (2x's)... meh! to them all.

Aaroncoal said...

I must have been out of my mind!

Derek said...


Gotta disagree with you some on this one. Consider the following:

Lyle Lovett
Alison Krauss
Brad Paisley
Vince Gill
Keith Urban
Martina McBride

You don't like any of these folks?

At least the music on the vast majority of country music recordings is played by real musicians and not by computers, drum machines, banks of synthesizers and (yuck!) turntables.

Besides, I would think a card-carrying member of the "vast right-wing conspiricy" such as yourself would be pro-country music.

Just a thought,


P.S. Perhaps our resident country music connoisseur Curtis Gross could weigh in with a few thoughts.

Saije said...

I like country music. But then I'm a redneck.

Gooseneck said...

I went to see the oak ridge boys at the Iowa state Fair back wqhen they were in their hey day.

I've never forgiven myself for that.

CG said...

All country musicians should be shot, chopped into small pieces, burned and cast into the deepest parts of the ocean. All country music recordings, charts, sheet music, ect. should be destroyed. All memories of country music should be erased from the memories of all people of the earth (the goverment know how to do that). This should be done immediately, with the exception of the fine works of Buck Owens.

Aaroncoal said...

Ok CG, now that was funny. Come post here anytime!