Friday, August 19, 2005

Why It's A Great Time
To Be A Republican

This past decade and a half the Republican base has been on fire. We have haven't been more proud of our president since Reagan. That's because George W. Bush is a real leader. We may not all always agree with his decisions. But hard decisions are being made none the less. As far as I can tell he hasn't once stuck his finger out the door of the White House to see which way the political winds are blowing. And he has stuck by the Iraq people. Thank God for that. Pulling out of Iraq would be a disaster...Isn't it ironic how the libs are always rooting for disaster?
Here are some other reasons why it is a great time to be a Republican...

* Our leaders have a plan and a reason for why they do what they do. The people who vote for them have the same plan in mind.

* Our party's entire plan doesn't consist of taking down the other party at all costs even if the methods of doing so are blatantly dishonest.

* The fringe right are generally still decent, and loving Americans who just desire things that some might find a tad extreme. That extreme is generally still sane and non-threatening. As opposed to the left fringe who just this week talked about how cool it would be if Bin Laden came to America and slashed George Bush's throat.

* Underneath President Bush's desk in the oval office is intern free.

* Even though the entire television broadcast media stations are anti-Bush save one, Our president is still right at historically average approval ratings.

* We didn't get our morals from an opinion poll in the New York Times.

* We are honest with ourselves about the war on terror. It's not a fight for oil. It's a fight for survival. We believe that it still IS a war on terror. Which it is.

* Our convention this year was an awesome display generated by the pride we had in our fearless leader. There's was an 8th grade SGA pizza party. Oh and there candidate was in Vietnam, did you know that!

* We have a healthy fear of the almighty God. God is our God. The liberals only God is themselves and politics. It's scary how many things are justifiable when the only person you have to answer to is yourself and Ted Kennedy.

* We still own guns. If you're sleeping over at someone's house and a murder breaks down the door...Would you rather be staying with a conservative or a liberal. That's right..a conservative, they probably own a gun. What's a liberal gonna do? Give the murderer a fatal papercut with a copy of the Communist Manifesto?

* We win elections. Even after the 8th illegal recount, we win elections.

It's party time over here on the right. It's doom and gloom time on the left. Who in the world wants to vote for a party that only promises appeasement and more taxes??? Vote republican!!!!

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Mr Bob said...

Well Said,

The Democratic party has been feeding and breeding moonbats since the 60's and its come home to roost.
/insert shameless plug to own blog