Monday, August 29, 2005

Top 10's Songs

It's top 10's. Finding out what people watch, listen to, and read is interesting to me. It fascinates me. Also it doesn't have to be 10, just give your top 5, or even top 3.

Let's go for Songs. Ok, here's my top 10 songs in no particular order. Keep in mind that my list changes a lot. This is my current top 10:

* A Change Is Gonna Come -- Sam Cooke (Probably my favorite of all time.)

* It Is Well With My Soul -- Phillip Bliss

* Never Going Back Again -- Fleetwood Mac (outstanding guitar song!)

* Abide With Me -- Henry F. Lyte

* Bad As They Seem -- Hayden

* The Blowers Daughter -- Damian Rice

* This Year's Love -- David Gray

* Let It Be Me -- The Everly Brothers

* Fields Of Gold -- Eva Cassidy (Best voice I have ever heard.)

* These Arms Of Mine -- Otis Redding


Derek said...


Okay, I'll bite. Top 10 songs of right now...this list changes daily.

(In no particular order):

10. "It's Never Too Late" - Journey - A great rocker from Journey's forthcoming "Generations" disc. The song is sung by the group's drummer--Deen Castronovo. He sounds amazingly close to Steve Perry. Really!

9. "Chuck E's in Love" - Ricky Lee Jones - This song annoyed me so much back in the day. Now...what a great song. Clever songwriting, great instrumentation and a KILLER drum groove by Steve Gadd.

8. "Separate Lives" - Stephen Bishop - Phil Collins ruined this song. Listen to the acoustic guitar version on Bish's "On and On" greatest hits disc--it is like hearing a new song.

7. "Kindness" - David Wilcox - The song that describes perfectly my wife. Every song that I set out to write about her ends up being a poor ripoff of this one.

6. "Sultans of Swing" - Dire Straits - Great song to work out to. Plus, one of the first guitar solos I learned all the way through.

5. John Scofield & John Mayer - "I Don't Need No Doctor" - A killer track from Sco's "That's What I Say" disc. I've NEVER heard John Mayer sing like this. Great stuff.

4. "Harbor Lights" - Bruce Hornsby - A beautiful piano intro, a killer groove and very hip soloing by guitarist Pat Metheny. Pop music at its finest.

3. "Oh No the Radio" - Owsley - Great guitar-driven pop. Love the harmonies on the song's chorus.

2. "Don't Give Up" - Peter Gabriel (the verion on the disc So is the best) - I realize this is apples and oranges, but it is interesting to compare the post-Genesis careers of Phil Collins and Peter Gabriel. One of them records songs like this. The other records..."A Groovy Kind of Love." Still enjoy both artists, though.

1. "Love Goes On" - Richard Marx - Love Richard's new disc. This is a great song.

Derek said...

I also want to second your choice of Sting's "Fields of Gold." A great song that will be around for a long, long time.

Anonymous said...

no particular order...

1. It is well with my soul
2. Never is a promise - Fiona Apple
3. Delicate - Damien Rice
4. Blackbird - Beatles
5. Slide Away - Oasis
6. Stormy Weather - Etta James (?)
7. Universal - Blur
8. Schindler's List Theme
9. Palgia's Song
10. Marble Halls - Enya

Anonymous said...

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Jackie said...

All you requested. In no particular order. And only five.
* "The Luckiest" -Ben Folds
* "Bobby McGee" -Janis Jopline
* "Fade into You" -Mazzy Star
* "Offering" -Third Day
* "Under Pressure"