Thursday, August 18, 2005

Sheehan Sells Her Soul To George Soros and Michael Moore

Unfortunately Cindy Sheehan has not backed down from her perch high up on sell out mountain. All around the web, fringe sites like,,, and code pink, have taken up Sheehan's misguided cause.
All it would have taken for Sheehan to have gained credibility for her cause would be if she had told Michael Moore and George Soros to get lost. Michael Moore represents the lunatic fringe of the left and George Soros and his stupid organization have been a great comfort to our enemy. The same enemy that killed Cindy Sheehan's son.

She has lost any and all credibility. If she wanted attention off of her, and on to the troops plight and her son's death, then she would have steered clear of any person or organization that have previously belittled the troops and called them baby killers. And unfortunately as Ann Coulter said yesterday, "I have a feeling every time this gal opens her trap, Michael Moore gets a residuals check."
Her dead son is most likely rolling over in his grave. Casey fought so hard for this country. His mom changed her tune after meeting with the president last year and has now called the President "The world's biggest terrorist."
It's perfectly clear that either Michael Moore, or George Soros got a hold of her and waved a dollar bill in front of her face, possibly even promising her a book deal down the road. And now she is probably coached on every word she says. It's the same script we have heard over and over since Bush got credit for the liberation of hostage nation. It's just a cameo part for Sheehan, the walk on role. Same tired screenplay.

Mrs. Sheehan,

Go mourn for your son in private, you have made your cause and your ideas into a laughing stock by aligning yourself with men and women who have given comfort to the enemies of the United States. The media would have given you a microphone for you to publicly draw attention to your son, but instead you took it and used it to bring the attention on yourself and your warped ideas. Dump Michael Moore and other fringe groups or kiss credibility goodbye.


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Mr Bob said...

Great post.
I got hammered in the comments section of my blog the other day when I called Sheehan a Moonbat. Apparently because her son was killed she off limits even though she spouts enemy propaganda.
Also it became apparent that all my readers (ok both of them) were not familiar with the species Barking Moonbat so I enlisted the help of Marlon Perkins (ala Wild Kingdom) to explain it.

/insert shamless plug here

Chris said...

Way to go, Aaron. Ms. Sheehan has opened up a huge, divisive fissure in our nation, with surgical precision and tactics. It is a strange thing that she calls the President a murderer, and her critics get criticized far louder. She deserves Bill Schneider's CNN "political play of the week." The problem is that her week is up, though the media have dragged it out a little bit longer. She should go join Kristen Breitwiser, of the 9/11 Democrat widows' fame.

By the way, where is Ms. Breitwiser regarding the "Able Danger" story, and the exposing of her precious 9/11 commission as cover-up for Clinton hacks? -sorry to digress.

You show guts by writing these posts, and showing how this woman is being manipulated.

Chris said...
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Chris said...

--"far more loudly", not "far louder." My dad, who was an English teacher, is spinnin' in his grave again, if that's not too crude a reference. He probably "spins" alot, because I still catch many such mistakes in my writing, unfortunately. (notice trashed comment)LOL! I wonder if that qualifies as exploiting his death for the (blogging) media. Nah; no-ones paying me for it, and I'm not using his memory to further any cause, except good grammar, which he agreed with.