Monday, August 22, 2005

Pro Choice? Yeah right!

I was listening to a show called The Young Turks this week. The Young Turks is a rare leftwing radio talk show. Generally as a rule liberals are not good at radio..This show is no exception, but I sometimes listen anyway. Jill Pike often co-hosts the show. Well the topic last night was abortion. She starts going off about how people who have funerals for their unborn babies who have died due to miscarriage are "freaks". She went on to say that she is against any kind of attempt to "humanize the fetus."

Can you believe that? We've always known that the pro-choice movement is not pro-choice at all but simply pro-abortion...And in this case simply anti-child. We are called anti-abortion by the media because pro-life puts us in too much light for their taste. So if that's going to happen, then at least they ought to be called what they really are as well.


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