Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Pat Robertson

Why are we still getting shocked everytime Pat Robertson says something over the top? This week he wants to assassinate a world leader. A terrible, terrorist-harboring world leader no doubt, but a leader none the less.

Does Mr Robertson not pick up his Bible ever? Nations are the entities that makes these policies, not televangilists. And that's the way God planned it.(See Romans 13:4 ) I don't think that the U.S. should ever have a permanent policy of assassination. Now there may be times when a nation must do so in order to preserve life on a grander scale. But this certainly isn't one of those times. Not yet anyway.

I wish that Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell would step down from making statements to the press or on their various programs that clearly are designed for shock value. God doesn't need a spokesmen. Preaching the Gospel in America doesn't require shocking statements of a political or spiritual nature. Frankly I think our lifestyle should do the talking...at least here in America.

Anyway.. I think most Christians long ago distanced themselves from Pat Robertson. This round is no exception.


Matthew said...

Pat & Jerry make me sick every time I see them on the news.

But of course, those are the only Christians the media will go to.

(Because the freakin' nuts.)


Aaroncoal said...

Great point Matthew.