Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Let's Get One Thing Straight....

Compassionate conservatism is not dead. In my opinion it's a term we don't use enough. With a few exceptions George Bush is a compassionate conservative. We get that term because the liberal machine created talking points that conjured up bad connotations when conservative alone was used to describe a candidate. They failed to make it stick. Fortunately I think compassionate is an accurate description of who we are as conservatives. Nevermind the fact that every liberal is terrified of being labeled a liberal because of what it conjures up. Since when has accusations of hypocrisy deterred a lib?
I think the best thing as a more compassionate movement is that we are a movement that thrives on others first..

* Our tax cuts are not designed to help the rich, as the libs would have you believe, the tax cuts are stimulus cuts that spur economic growth. Economic growth always benefits everyone across the board. Handouts have never been compassionate.

* Our stance on war is not a love of violence, power, and revenge, it's a love for humanity. The liberals aren't being honest as to who the war on terror is really helping. It's helping women, children and men gain control over their nations. Why would the U.S. just do nothing? Isolationism is never compassionate.

* The pro-life movement is not an anti-woman stance. It's a pro-woman, pro-child stance. We aren't trying to yank choice from anyone, we're trying to give choice to one that isn't able to stand up for his/herself while at the same time offering support and alternative, safer, and more humane options for the woman. Suggesting women abort because they'll be happier or for financial convience is never compassionate.

* Our viewpoint on the death penalty is not a viewpoint of revenge. It is of justice. You CANNOT have compassion without justice. A compassionate conservative is not seeking revenge on criminals but deterrence and justice. We don't believe that a frequent, and swiftly used death penalty law doesn't deter crime.

* We believe in freedom of ALL religions, everywhere.

We are compassionate. We are not perfect, but we believe in right and wrong and we strive to keep that line defined. Every political ideal we have is for a better society, no matter how hard the left says otherwise. Just something to keep in mind.


Matthew said...

*stand* *applaud* *for days*


Gina said...

I concur !!!!

Ray said...

Nice speech. I agree in majority with it all. Send it to Republican Leaders in the Senate please. They need help with their written speeches....