Thursday, August 04, 2005

Is The ACLU For The Little Guy?

Let's face it, most of us will never make a name for ourselves in this country that is known outside our sphere of influence. And I think for the most part people are ok with being in the middle class and less than famous. We learned long ago that personal faith and a humble heart can make someone more happy in this life than fame and fortune. And this country was founded by men who weren't exactly tops in their home land. They weren't all wealthy land owners, and they certainly didn't strive to be famous and worldly. They simply wanted a land where they didn't have to bow to a king before they tended to their own beliefs.
So is an organization like the ACLU looking out for everyday little guys in America?

First you have to define the little guy. I came up with a three characteristics that I think best define an everyday American...

* First and foremost is a faith in something higher than his/herself. It's hard to be a humble if you think of yourself as the #1 priority above all.

* Hard work ethic. The everyday American earns every dime he/she brings in. They are what make America run as an industrial nation.

* Neighbor helping neighbor. The little guy realizes that the community comes together when those around us fall. He does this because he knows that they'd do it for him if the tide was turned.

The ACLU has failed miserably in working for the little guy. It has hurt everyday Americans more intensely than it has ever helped them.

Let's start with the first characteristic of the little guy:

The ACLU claims to be preserving freedom of religion. It is doing the opposite. Examples of this are so numerous, I encourage you to sift through the many examples of the church and state category over at A couple more examples for me that come to mind are
This video, which I posted last week and the Franklinton, Louisiana story that I posted a couple of months ago. The list goes on and on. The truth is that to the ACLU, politics is god, and that belief shapes and molds who they will help and who they will oppose. Unfortunately the little guy ultimately gets the raw end of the deal with the ACLU.

The next characteristic of the little guy is a hard work ethic. Has the ACLU helped the hard working American? Don't count on it. There are several areas where the ACLU has supported programs that are in direct contradiction to the ethics of hard work in America. The most obvious one would be the ACLU's support of amnesty for ILLEGAL aliens. Illegal aliens take jobs that American born citizens and legal citizens should have. The ACLU never even calls them illegal immigrants.
Even if you were to work hard enough to move to an upper class, the ACLU has long been a supporter of socialist and even communistic causes. Even from
their beginnings. Socialism and communism punish achievement. This means that you can work hard all your life, but that won't get you any further than you are now. Everyone becomes a number and a ward of the state. You can never advance an inch farther than the guy next to you at work who does nothing but stand by the water cooler instead of working. The ACLU is striving for this "worker's paradise", which is in reality nothing more than government enforced failure for everyone across the board. The ACLU punishes hard work. The little man has nothing to gain....Literally.

Lastly, Does the ACLU encourage neighbor helping neighbor? This is probably the most obvious failure of the ACLU. If all the programs supported by the ACLU were enacted into law, the US would be the most behemoth and taxing government in the world. It's not suprising when one considers how much the ACLU supports socialism, you know the political philosophy where the government picks up the tab for everything.
The ACLU isn't even that interested in American's being able to hold their own sovereignty. As Bob points out in a piece that was recently posted at
On its site, the ACLU, while talking about the Supreme Courts decisions in 2004, has this to say: the Justices seemed less anxious to undermine meaningful civil rights enforcement, more skeptical about the death penalty, and more willing to look at international law for whatever guidance it can provide in resolving fundamental human rights issues.

This trend of using international law instead of the US Constitution is deeply troubling. It smells of another step toward the relinquishing of American sovereignty to globalized socialism and meddling corrupt institutions like the UN. Read the full article.

You see if neighborhoods pull together to help those less fortunate among them it does two things..

* It causes those communities to mold friendships and working relationships that do more than just help the one that is less fortunate. It brings a personalty to each community that works as a team to stave off health problems, reduce crime, and generate better schools.

* It keeps communities from needlessly paying for other community problems that do not affect theirs. This brings unity throughout the nation and lessens the overweight and bloated governmental programs that tend to recipricate the very problems it's failing plans are attempting to solve.

The ACLU's only god is government. Therefore it is their answer to any problem that might arise in any one community across the nation, no matter how small the problem or community might be. The ACLU is not interested in neighbor helping neighbor.

As you can see the ACLU is not a friend of the little guy. The everyday american is hurt by the ACLU ten times more than it is helped. That's because the ACLU sacrifices real American's in the wake of their anti-God, anti-individual, pro-government agenda. The examples I presented in this blog post are a drop in the bucket to the real, documented cases that the ACLU has taken up. I urge you once more to go to and read. Read the examples. Then get a plan to help stop the ACLU in your community and on the national level. Sign the petitions that Jay has on that site. As everyday patriotic Americans, it is in our best intrest to stop the ACLU. Thanks!

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