Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Hurricane Reporters

There is nothing more hilarious than when they send out these poor shlubbs out into the eye of the hurricane to report on what's going on. I wonder if they realize what they are there for. CNN already knows what it looks like inside a hurricane. So what's going on? You guessed it! They are hoping to be the station that has their reporter beaned in side of the head with a Burger King sign. And strangely enough that is what all the rest of us are hoping to see as well. Half the time they can't even face the camera because of the stinging rain. Couldn't they just leave a camera running. Yesterday I was watching one station and their reporter just barely missed getting hit with a large chunk of metal by inches. I was like, "Dang it! So close!".
Ok, so maybe I don't really want that to happen. But you know if it did the ratings would go through the roof. Especially after they replayed it 10,000 times.
Let's all hope they at least get hazard pay. Being out there is kind of like being in a war zone, except with a lot less turbans.
If I were a hurricane reporter I'd be sitting in a Chili's about 30 miles away from the hurricane eating ribs. "The wind is really blowing here so you can imagine what it must be like in the actual hurricane. This is Aaron reporting from hurricane Sally....I'm out!"

I'm out.


Derek said...

I was thinking the same thing the other day. I am waiting for some news channel to get totally mixed up and say, "We are going to go live to [insert talking head's name here] who is embedded in the storm's eye."

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Charles Hansing said...

Seriously, why do these news reporters (and so many of them at that) insist on being out there in the middle of a hurricane. And if one must be out there, why not wear a hard hat and safety goggles. It's only a matter of time before one of them gets seriously injured or killed being out there, quite possibly even on live TV.

p.s. "Being in a war zone but with a lot less turbans... wow". How about next time you say, "Like being with Timothy McVeigh but with a lot less explosives instead." You racist ingrate.