Friday, August 26, 2005

Crawford Texas Becomes Mental Ward

Today would be a good day to rob a home for the mentally insane because most of them are down in Texas. I mean it has become a virtual who's who of quacks and leftist hacks down in Crawford. I heard a report that even PETA has set up camp down there.. What, are too many ticks getting killed in Iraq?
Today I read that Al Sharpton was heading down to Crawford to join the "peace mom". You know that you've hit the Academy Awards of insanity when the good Rev. Sharpton takes time away from his oh so busy day, probably preparing this Sunday's sermon for his church flock, to come to join your cause.
Let me just speak on the stupidity of calling this woman a "peace mom". That's laughable. This woman and the other treasonous weasels surrounding her could care less about peace. (I call her the "Soros mom". She probably hopes we'll forget that George Soros bought her paid in full.) The media refuses to report that she recently called the terrorists, the very same ones that killed her son, "freedom fighters." You can not believe in peace, yet call the terrorists freedom fighters. It's insanity on a higher plane. They carved up 3,000 Americans, killed and are still killing countless innocent lives in Iraq and Afghanistan, and are still trying to kill Americans...They are not Freedom Fighters. Meanwhile Americans are going out of their way, even at the cost of their own lives, to spare enemy soldiers. Often even after they have been shot by that very terrorist.
Cindy Sheehan has dollar signs in her eyes..There is no longer any doubt in my mind about that. I'm quite sure there is a payment in her bank account from Michael Moore or George Soros himself. And you can bet a book deal is forthcoming. Nice try Cindy! Peace loving protestor my foot!

In other angering news..

The report that the anti-war protestors were at Walter Reed Army Medical Center with coffins lined up on the sidewalk chanting "maimed for lies" should infuriate everyone. I think most of us would turn a blind eye if anyone one of those wounded soldiers would like to come out of the hospital, take off their artificial leg, and proceed to beat any one of those protestors like it's going out of style. That would be enough to make me stand and applaud. These men are wounded for life, and now they have to put up with pansy, wannabe hippies don't even have enough courage to move out of their parents basement, much less give their bodies for freedom and their country. Each of these soldiers deserves a parade, not this embarassing display of self-serving mockery and disrespect.

Thank you to the American soldiers who are putting up with this. If I had my way, the penalty for treason would still apply...if you know what I mean!

And remember, if a PETA protestor approaches you, just hold a gun to a baby ducks head until they back away!

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