Friday, August 12, 2005

Cindy Sheehan...Meet Michael Moore

Well as if we couldn't see this coming. Cindy Sheehan who last year met with the President and had nothing but praise and thank you's for him is now accusing him of murdering her son who died in combat in Iraq. She has every right to protest all she wants. Her son and others like him earned her that right. But we have every right to examine her possible unscrupulous motives.
Well, who better to help her exploit our nations heroes than then that pinko commie himself, Michael Moore. If you go to, you will see that he has taken her up as his current project. Keep in mind all of his projects are business ideas. They are there to make money from guideless and mindless liberals who eat his anti-Americanism for breakfast. And he has banked because of people who are ever so willing to spend their money on ANYTHING anti-Bush. I'm not joking..Most of them would sell there own mothers into slavery if it meant that George Bush would lose a popularity point.
When Clinton started launching missiles into Iraq..all you could hear were the sounds of crickets from the lefties and their media. When Clinton blew up an aspirin factory in the Sudan to divert our attention from Monica Lewinsky, the media said nothing. But now when a Republican is getting the credit for getting monumental stuff accomplished overseas, they are tripping over themselves to call him a war criminal. It's a level of hypocrisy that is unimaginable. It is why we fight against them so hard and why we will NEVER stop battling with them. Their ideology is deadly.

Mrs Sheehan,

President Bush did not kill your son. He did not drag your son into battle. He did not put the pen in his hand when your son signed on the dotted line. Your son did not get an order from Bush to be drafted. He was under no obligation to fight for his country. BUT he did. And he is a hero. You are doing nothing more than wasting your time. We have a volunteer army ONLY. There isn't one person...NOT ONE, who enlists, that isn't aware of the fact that they may be asked to put their life on the line for the continuation of our freedom. And make no mistake, this war is, more than any other war in our history, a fight for our very survival. Mrs Sheehan, President Bush did not kill your son, The enemy of life itself did. Please point your anger towards terrorism, and Bin Laden, and extremist Muslims. They are the only ones that killed your son.
Furthermore, I hope President Bush does not meet with you. I might have said otherwise, but as soon as I heard that you aligned yourself with the proven liar and war profiteer Michael Moore, I knew that you had officially sold out. You had your chance with president Bush. It's time that he move on from you. I pray that you see the light and that you realize that your actions aren't helping the cause of freedom. It would seem to me that your goal would be to finish our task in Iraq so that your son did not die in vain. I hope that you will listen to your sons family who state "[Cindy] now appears to be promoting her own personal agenda and notoriety at the the expense of her son's good name and reputation." I couldn't agree more.


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Anonymous said...

I feel the loss for her but her son was proud to serve his country and we americans are proud he sacrificed his life so others could have democracy and the Iraq people have suffered long enough specially with children who Ben Laden and his terriorist followers have blood on their hands and believe me God will deal with them..I thank GOD EVERYDAY FOR OUR PRESIDENT AND THE LEADERS OF OUR NATION THAT WILL NOT LET TERRIOSISTS DO EVIL... Does anyone talk about the great things these troops have accomplished?? I have friends who were over there for one to two years and they helped orphanages be built friendships with kids and families over there so tell these liberals to shut up oh please!!!!!!!!! steph